Tips that are proven to help maintaining your ecommerce-store

Tips that are proven to help maintaining your ecommerce store

Building your own business is an exciting and a fun experience. It’s exciting because everything is new. So, now you developed your business and completed the initial development of your website, what’s next? There are still lot of things to do. Building a website is not just enough, it’s important to maintain and monitor a site for most common and possible issues. If neglected, they may affect both usability and profitability of website. Unlike retailers, the ecommerce business entirely depends on the website. So, we just can’t take a chance, even a tiny issue can significantly affect the bottom line.

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Trust is the key part of any online business. You need to get your basics right to build customer trust on your ecommerce website. A slightest hint of malpractice and all that you have built will come crumbling down in a matter of time. You need to earn the user’s trust each day and over.

Here are some of the best practices you need to know about, to maintain an ecommerce store.

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Online store maintenance services:

According to the present market scenario, the products in your ecommerce websites increases eventually. You need to eventually add new products and maintain existing ones by modifying their description and images uploaded to your website.
Why do you even want to maintain your services??
To update the competitive price to remain in the competition.
To add new categories and sub categories along with updating existing ones.
Remove products which are no longer required.
To add relevant additional details like product weight, color, shape etc to your product data.
To validate and authenticate orders.

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Here are some simple yet critical tips to maintain your ecommerce store.

1. Keep it updated:

It is very important to regularly update the entire ecommerce plug-in as well as website themes. This ensures the latest versions of software being used, and also provides maximum security. In another words it means, having the latest tools available and also reporting the latest news in the tools.

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2. Product videos:

How can someone just ignore the importance of product videos?? People like videos, they are easier than reading and you can use them to really show how a product looks and feels. With a bit of imagination, most products can be shown-off in a well shot video.

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3. Social media:

Social media is one of your biggest assets. So, basically, you want to grab the attention of your users and get them engaged. That’s what social media does exactly. It’s all about building a community and if you put in the time, you will soon have a great group of customers who will champion your brand, and will give you repeat custom and will tell their friends about you.

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4. Add uniqueness:

You cannot always cut down your prices to compete with the already existing stores. You may sell same products as them, but why not offer something that they could never compete with. You can sell them an e-book or still better, an actual book along with the products. The book could be about anything like how to use tools more effectively or about maintenance tips, how to setup a workshop etc… Offering this book with purchase doesn’t cost you much. But it will add a huge amount of value for certain customers.

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5. Guest posts:

It is a very popular way to build links and if you do it right, it can be very effective. Most important thing to consider here is, you want to post on sites which are read by your potential customers. So, consider location and niche and get your message in front of the right people.

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6. Blog often:

Every ecommerce site should have a blog. It is not only for generating traffic directly, but it is also a great way to built authority and credibility. Your blog doesn’t have to be all words- images and visual items are helpful too. In fact, they make reading easier and more fun. You could include images or diagrams of your products being used and show them how they work and what to do. Fill your blog with interesting and imaginary stuff, that your readers will enjoy viewing.

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Ecommerce store management:

How was the business used to be earlier?? Salesman would be there, and he would to every possible thing to earn commission to sell your products. But, now a days, the face of the marketing has been changed tremendously. Online stores enables the businessman to setup a store without the need of any sort of investment, without physical sale or even without hiring any floor managers or security guards.

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The distributors and manufacturers are driving sales through ecommerce business. It is very critical for seller to create a great shopping experience that satisfies a customer.

Ecommerce support services:

By increase in consumer demand, the ecommerce sales continue to increase. Being aware of this, many businesses find it challenging to manage increased product data volumes, ensure accuracy of their commerce product data, deliver superior customer services and execute reverse logistics. Proper maintenance of all these, enable your ecommerce company to augment your ecommerce efficiency and accelerate time-to-market of products while broadening your customer reach across different markets.
Services to be monitored regularly are:
order management
shipping management
payment processing
inventory management
customer management
product information management services
customer services
finance and accounting outsourcing services

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Looking for maintaining your ecommerce store? Leave it on us. Your business can benefit greatly by choosing Libra web solutions, as your ecommerce support service platform. Contact us at to find out how we can enable your business to achieve accelerated growth.

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5 Tips To Maintain WordPress Store Maintenance

Having a website is not really bigger a deal nowadays. Anyone who is willing to make their online presence through website can have the one with WordPress which basically takes care of total backend thing. All one needs to do is look forward to have that proper content and marketing to make their website work.

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But, is this really enough? Is this the only thing which one needs to take care of while getting a website go good? Maybe, or maybe not! Among those different points, proper and smooth functioning of website is also the one which requires that good attention to make someone’s online presence worth while.

And so to have that proper functioning of WordPress website maintained, here are these 5 tips which can be considered as a perfect solution of making it work.

5 Tips To Maintain Wordpress Store Maintenance:

#1.Maintaining A Website Backup:

This is a task which most of the people consider as not that much important to give their time to. But, in real terms this is one of those most mandatory things which, if not now then maybe later can prove out to be the positive step. This basically makes it possible for a website owner to get their whole of the data saved while the website is dealing with an issue. So, in short this step keeps whole of the website data safe with the owner.

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#2. Regular Updations :

In order to have that good result out of one’s website, it is important for everyone to keep it updated regularly. And updations here must not only indicate the content thing, but also those plugins and themes. A user, always, only looks up for the genuine source and this step here would do the same.

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#3. Security Frameworks:

Another important step towards getting that WordPress website properly maintained is to keep it secured. There are many of those hackers and malwares out there which can get a website completely destroyed in minor number of seconds. So, to prevent such wrong things from happening it is important to get those plugins installed which can help out in same.

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#4. SEO In Action:

When it is about website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) something which cannot be ignored, not in any way. And so, which basically makes it important point for everyone to give that proper focus upon making the website SEO friendly that would make many of the people end over on there. Maintaining those H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags, adding Meta tags and descriptions are some of the points linked to ON PAGE SEO.

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5. Dump Plugins :

Out of many of those different plugins that everyone uses in their WordPress self hosted site, there are also some which after a period of time has no real importance. And so, it is important to let these plugins go away as keeping them might affect the functionality of the website.

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Why Support Services is a Must for Your Ecommece-Store

Why Support Services is a Must for Your Ecommece Store?

A well-established ecommerce store must function exceptionally well. This means that all its features must be properly maintained so as to remain in top condition. This way, it will generate more internet leads and help you acquire more customers. This is where support services come in for your ecommerce store. Support services come in a variety of forms but they all have one thing in common which is to boost the efficiency of your website. Below are four examples of top ecommerce support services.

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1) Reliable Customer Support Service

Having a quality customer support service on your ecommerce store will surely boost customer relations. Your clients need to be reassured that there is always help available on standby whenever they encounter any challenge on your website. This service may be provided in different formats which include a live chat, direct email links, social media platforms, contact numbers, helpdesk etc. It is important that there are solutions at hand for every possible issue.

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2) Product Database

Ecommerce support services in database management ensure that your inventory remains up to date. This way, you can easily keep track of new arrivals and old stock in your online store. External and internal links to product feeds should also be maintained so as to ensure that the system runs without a glitch.

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3) Product Reviews

Ecommerce support services for product reviews can be broken down into two which are: i) reviews are provided after your product or service has been used ii) customers are given incentive to leave reviews on your website. You do not have to worry about acquiring this service because there are support companies willing to meet all your website’s needs.

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4) SEO Support Service

SEO ecommerce support service will help drive web traffic to your domain and this will in turn, improve your chances at securing long-term customers and attracting new ones.

Here at Libra Web Solutions, we offer web support services such as Email Management, Mobile Payment Integration and many more to help your business run effectively. Get in touch with us today to take your ecommerce store to the next level.

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Tips on How to Freshen Your Online Store

Tips on How to Freshen Your Online Store

In order to prevent a drop in sales on your ecommerce store, it is important to keep your website content fresh and interesting. Regularly refreshing your content, themes, navigation, images and web copy helps to give your website a fresh new look and keep customers looking forward to your new additions. Always be sure to update software and features so as to keep up with trends and even create some of your own. Below are a few tips to help you achieve this:

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1) Get on the Latest Design Trends

Don’t be left behind on current waves in the aspect of your web design. Be sure to get the latest information and optimize your website to suit such requirements. Aim for captivating themes that will attract viewers to your online store.

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2) Post Fresh Content

If you happen to manage a blog along with your website or post promotions, offers and updates unto social media platforms, you need to constantly make sure that the content of such posts is fresh. No one would like to read duplicated material and you might attract penalties from Google against such practices. When your site has fresh material to offer, there’s surely going to be a reason for your customers to come back again and again.

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3) Launch New Features

Customers are always delighted to see new and improved versions of features on your site. You could run a survey to find out what’s lacking and make an effort to revamp the whole site if necessary. Try to engage your customers by attending to their needs through discounts, offers, promotions and new products.

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Make sure you do all that you can to prevent your website from going stale on the ecommerce platform and ensure that you do not leave any irrelevant content that may hinder a smooth business procedure. Also keep close watch on your inventory stock messaging to know which products are out of stock and need a refill.

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We know it can be very tasking to maintain fresh content on your online store. That’s why at Libra Web Solutions our experts handle your website development and maintenance while you focus on brainstorming and creativity.

Libra Web Solutions is a reputable Ecommerce solution specialist that has transformed 75+ ecommerce ventures worldwide. Our services include Website Graphics, Design and Management Our team of experts are always willing to respond to your business needs with efficiency and quality.

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Improve Ecommerce With Order Management Integrations

So you’ve finally launched your ecommerce store and you’re looking forward expectantly to a profitable and rewarding business. Sometimes, the business start-up may be shaky and there are risks involved if you do not quickly get a grip on the proper business procedures. In order to avoid packing up your business, you’re going to have to perfect your organizational skills. This involves effectively managing your orders from various sales channels. Below are a few tips to carry out order management integration effectively.

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Improve Your Inventory Visibility

A reliable order management system should be able to make use of online shopping cart integration and notify its users of all items in the shopping cart. This will enhance tracking of products which have been purchased or are about to be purchased. Customers will experience a smooth transaction process which will encourage them to return to your e-store.

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Ensure Timely Delivery

Many successful online retail stores make use of shipping systems integration. Examples of these are UPS, FedEx, etc. These shipping services ensure that delivery of goods and services are timely and provide maximum customer satisfaction. The use of shipping service integration makes the process of generating shipping labels and carriers an easy task.

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Make Use of Reliable Payment Methods

Ensure that the payment process used on your website provides seamless transactions that are safe and quick. Customers are always on the lookout for ecommerce stores with reliable payment methods so as to be sure that they are not exposing themselves to fraud or theft. Most online transactions are carried out through means of Paypal, Skrill, or directly to debit/credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Verve and others.

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Order management systems will provide great benefits to ecommerce stores by establishing proper online procedures that will help business owners manage their store(s) effectively and boost customer satisfaction.

Libra Web Solutions has a portfolio of expertise in dealing with Order Management on ecommerce stores. Avoid the hassle of encountering setbacks in your business and let us handle these integrations for you.

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Libra Web Solutions is a reputable Ecommerce solution specialist that has transformed 75+ ecommerce ventures worldwide. Our services include Order Management, Mobile Payment Integrationamong others and our team of experts are always willing to respond to your business needs with efficiency and quality.

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How to Bulk Import Products in Woocommerce

How to Bulk Import Products in Woocommerce

This article will provide store owners with a quick guide on how to bulk import their products in WooCommerce in the following steps.

1) Create a Spreadsheet:

Log into your Admin account and navigate to the Dashboard. You need to have created a spreadsheet of your products beforehand. A sample image is given below:

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The spreadsheet should contain your product name, description, URL link for the image, product type, category, stock, regular price and sale price where necessary. The spreadsheet may contain at least 40 products.

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2) Save it as a CSV File:

Navigate to File. Click on Export to, select CSV. A message should pop up saying Export to CSV. Then click on Next. After the spreadsheet has been uploaded, you should be able to see the updates made on the website. You can open another tab to view the changes made the same way anyone viewing the site would see them.

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3) CSV Import:

Navigate to the Dashboard and select CSV Import option. Click Select File and chose a file from your computer system. The file type would have been saved as CSV document. Then click Load and wait while it begins loading. A horizontal bar should show the progress as it uploads each row of your files until the total number is uploaded.

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4) Check Update:

Refresh the page to view the changes. If you modified the regular price and sale price columns, then the new figures should have been updated.

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5) What Should You Look Out For?

You need to check and make sure that the Post Titles match the URLs so that new products are not created if you only plan to update existing products. Otherwise, this may cause confusion and errors. It is advisable to maintain post titles and only make necessary adjustments in other fields.

Why not explore the advantages of setting up your e-store on the WooCommerce platform? Here at Libra Web Solutions we help cater to your every need concerning online business start-up at affordable rates so do not hesitate to contact us.

Libra Web Solutions is a reputable Ecommerce solution specialist that has transformed 75+ ecommerce ventures worldwide. Our services include WooCommerce and our team of experts are always willing to respond to your business needs with efficiency and quality.

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How to Bulk Import Products in Opencart

How to Bulk Import Products in Opencart

This article will provide the necessary information required to import multiple products in Open Cart. The steps are outlined below with explanations.

1) Download the CSV Product Import Extension:

This can be found in Open Cart under Extensions and it costs about $15. Search for CSV Product Import in the search field to find it. You will find a sample of CSV file which you can format to fit your requirements. Your CSV file must be in spreadsheet format and this can be created using Google Docs or Microsoft Excel.

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2) Importing CSV File via Google Docs:

Once you are logged into your Gmail account, select Drive then click Create on the side bar. Select Spreadsheet. To import a prepared spreadsheet, click on File and select Import. Browse through your files and select the desired document. Click Open and select the option to Replace Current Sheet. Leave the Separator Character on Automatic. Then click on Import. Your CSV should appear in the spreadsheet.

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3) What Are You Likely to find on a CSV File?

A CSV file should contain some of the following fields: product, type, model, price, category, stock, description, URL link to product image, etc.

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4) How to Upload the File:

Go to the back end where the Dashboard is. Select System and click on CSV Product Import. There are three steps to complete.
Step One: under Product Update Mode, select Add New Records. In the following field, select Comma. Afterwards, select the File from Open Cart which should be on the left side bar and upload it. After selecting your file, leave the following fields as they are. Click Next.
Step Two: Your product fields should be displayed. Ensure that the product names match otherwise you won’t be able to sync your updates. Click Next.
Step Three: The update process will begin and you will be notified once the products are completely updated, click Done.
After saving your progress, return to the Store Front to check how your updates turned out.

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To make the most of your ecommerce store on the Open Cart platform, get in touch with us today to help you get set up for business.

Libra Web Solutions is a reputable Ecommerce solution specialist that has transformed 75+ ecommerce ventures worldwide. Our services include Open Cart Ecommerce and our team of experts are always willing to respond to your business needs with efficiency and quality.

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The Ultimate guide to ecommerce store setup and operations for small business

The Ultimate guide to ecommerce store setup and operations for small business

Ecommerce or electronic commerce store is currently one of the most important aspects of the internet to emerge. It is a type of business or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information which covers a range of businesses, from consumer based retail sites, to business exchange trading goods. Ecommerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no barriers of distance and time. For properly implementing an e-business plan, researching and understanding of the guidelines is a crucial part which helps to develop a successful online store.

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To start an ecommerce business is hard work with many steps and correct decisions that need to come together at the right time. Here are some simple yet important things that are placed in a logical order, to build and grow a profitable ecommerce business.
Let’s get started,

1. Choosing a product:

The most challenging part of starting a new online business is to know what product you want to sell. It’s always advisable to start with the ideas you already have. Another great source of product inspiration can come from your local news papers which tend to feature new, innovative and local concepts and products. With all your resources available you should start generating a healthy list of product ideas to begin.

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2. Research your competition:

You’ve have found your product. So, what’s next? Its time to write your business plan. Before you do that you should thoroughly research your competition, so that you know exactly what you are up against. It’s always better to identify your top 5 competitors’ specific to your industry and make a list of things you like and don’t like. Most importantly consider the following things like:
What are their prices?
What is their product photography like?
How are their product descriptions?
What are their shipping options like?
Is their site optimized for mobile?
Now that you have a list of your top 5 competitors and basic research on how they operate, its important to operate with flexibility and pivot direction.

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3. Brand positioning:

As in the name, brand positioning is nothing but positioning your brand in the mind of your customers. This includes a vast section of marketing itself.
-Elements like pricing, distribution, and even competition highly depend on brand position.
-Positioning of brand plays a significant role in ecommerce, which deals with a massive volume of products. This makes marking out a single brand quite tough, especially if your brand is not a renowned one.
-The product that you promote should match the requirement of your target audience. Only then you can expect a successful conversion.
-In ecommerce, product exclusivity forms a crucial feature. With the bulk of products available, exclusive product is bound to capture the attention of users.
– Personalisation of customer experience gives your brand an exclusive touch. It helps in bridging the gap between your business and customers. It brings customers close to you thereby creating a sense of trust on your product.
Why brand positioning is important? Proper brand positioning helps in increasing your product visibility to the relevant audience by promoting it at right time.

4. Unique selling position:

Call it whatever you want, USP is what sets you apart from others. With all the competition present, customers will be asking why they should buy from you. And your answer is your unique selling position. Create a USP that sets you apart from your competition. So, apart from explaining how you’re different, what else can a strong USP do for your ecommerce store? A strong USP helps build your ecommerce store’s brand. It increases your sales. So, now that you know what a USP is and what it does to your business, let’s see how to create yours.
a. Research:
First thing you need to do is research your top 5 competitors and figure out what their USP is. Also see what their customers are saying about them. You need to do some research on yours and should develop a customer persona. This will help you identify what your customers really care about, so that you can deliver it to them uniquely.
b. Extract benefits:
Customers generally shop for benefits. You need to understand what benefits you deliver to your customers. To rule this out, use your customer persona research to help you out
c. Find what’s unique:
Not always the product needs to be unique, your brand position also does. You have identified several benefits that you provide to your customers. Using your competitor research compare your benefits to theirs. It could be anything from product quality to customer service.
d. Keep it Simple:
Your USP is one of the first things they see the moment they land on your store. So, make it clear and concise. No one is going to read paragraphs of why you’re different!!
e. Market:
Your USP is at the core of your business, which means it needs to be everywhere. Put it on your website, definitely on the homepage, but possibly on the other pages in header. Put it on your social networks and anywhere a consumer comes in contact with your brand.
Differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other stores in your industry. No one is going to give you a second thought if you’re just like everyone else. Show them what’s unique about you and they’ll never forget.

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5. Minimum viable product:

A minimum viable product is a new product developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. Minimal viable product helps a team to gather the greatest amount of insight about consumers. It costs less for the business to produce, while showing enough value to get people to try it. It channels consumer feedback to the business, which it can then use to refine and improve future product development. This model introduces products to consumer groups in limited doses with the goal of enlisting early adaptors who offer useful data in addition to revenue. The data obtained is used to optimize the continuing development of the product until market satisfaction is achieved. MVP is an effective tool for ecommerce owners who want to leave room for experimentation and test the waters before getting a new product up and running.

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6. Hire experts:

Planning a website includes to go through a few processes to make sure that we get the best possible result. Well, when we can’t do all the things, its best to trust the experts!! Because a quality web design will make your store look better. It is a misconception that web designer is just there to create mood boards, graphics and to place images in the right spaces. Actually, the job of designer is to plan every detail of your ecommerce store to make it all work in sync. Hence, it is important to hire experts to design your store.

7. Test for feedback:

Effective feedback is valuable information that will be used to make important decisions. Feedback both positive and negative is very helpful. Top performing companies are top performing companies because they consistently search for ways to make their work better everyday. Feedback is helpful only when it highlights weaknesses as well as strengths. First of all, select your audience to get feedback from. It’s always better to select people whom you trust, like your friends, family, and colleagues etc. Continued feedback is important across entire organisation to create strategies and service improvements.

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8. Refine feedback:

Feedback generally doesn’t contain a single opinion. As the feedback is collected from different people, it includes different opinions of different people. It’s impossible to consider every single feedback obtained. So, first important thing to do is to refine the obtained feedback. This makes you easy to do change your strategies and improve your services, formulate better decisions to improve and increase performance. After all continued learning is the key to improving.

9. Hire virtual assistants:

Setting up a website and starting a business is not just enough. You should work on it from time to time, add new products, market it, campaign for it. All these things cannot be done at a time a single person. Hence, it is important to hire virtual assistants. They are experts in importing subscribers, setting up welcome series, nurture and drip campaigns, provides you with monthly reports. In the meanwhile, you are freed up to concentrate on your own expertise and leadership, While all your needs are answered by experts!

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10. New offers:

An exciting offer can never go wrong!! Generally shipping offers are a big deal to consumers shopping for holiday gifts. Consumers generally don’t like to pay shipping fees; hence they mostly look for sites that offer free shipping. Generally these promotional offers are used to motivate consumers to buy. An offer can encourage a buyer to order more of given items. Most common offers include:

-free shipping
-free gift with purchase
-a percentage off
-cash back

Promos are regular part of doing business and something the consumer expects.

11. Listing on other ecommerce platforms:

Now you are done with designing your web site, exciting offers, exceptional products. How do people get to know about your business?? Advertising. Your subscribers are not your only customers. You should increase the access of your business by advertising about it on other ecommerce platforms. Reach of people to the popular websites will be relatively more. So why not use it for our business? It’s best to list your business with most popular deals available on the other platforms with relatively more access. The options are practically limitless when you take your campaign online effectively.

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If you are looking for ecommerce store design and development, we are here to help you. Libra web solutions is an ecommerce solution specialist who transformed 75+ ecommerce ventures for customers from UK, Australia, India, Hong Kong and Singapore since 2008. Feel free to contact us at:

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E-mail marketing tips for small businesses

E-mail marketing tips for small businesses

Well, what is good marketing practice called?. Good marketing practice is nothing but responding to the people who actually want to hear from you. Most often, emails end up getting lost in the inbox or even worse in the spam folder. And, when finally someone actually opens email, they don’t click through.

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Here are simple things you can start doing now to improve the open rate, click through etc.

1. Collect subscribers:

Building your subscribers list is one of the most important ways to grow your business. The more subscribers you have, the more chances you have to improve your business. Having a blog is great way to promote your business and your brand. When you post relevant articles on your blog, your customers will have a reason to visit your site. Along with this offering a free give away is also a great way to get people to sign up your subscriber list.

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2. Immediate response:

Email new contacts as early as possible, most probably within 24 hrs. You can actually get to know what future engagement will look like, by what people do when u email them within 24 hrs of their request. If you don’t have an automated email workflow setup, you are missing some major opportunities to nurture or engage your contacts.

3. Personalised reply:

Now a days people are so inundated with spam, hence they hesitate to open emails from unfamiliar sources. This is why real person email open rates are likely more. This is because recipient mostly trusts a personalised sender than a generic one.

4. Preview:

When anyone receives an email, only first few lines of the text from the mail is displayed along with the subject. In other words we can say it as a preview of the body of email. When you don’t set a preview text, the recipient will automatically pull from the body, which is generally a messy one. Hence, a clear preview should be framed before distributing the email.

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5. Clear subject lines:

The biggest struggle of marketing emails is with the recipient inboxes. The best way to stand out is to frame an outstanding and impressive subject lines.

Make sure that the subject lines are

– clear and understandable

– don’t get cut off, particularly in other devices

– free from spam words.

6. Simple and short:

Who has enough time to read a huge, long email? Well, no one. Everyone likes short, informative, concise mails than long ones. Hence it is important to convey our message in a short and simple mail. Along with that, too much copy is actually a spam filter too. To keep emails short write them like you are talking with them. If your email is long, break it up into multiple paragraphs.

7. Add links to your images:

Include eye catching images in each email. These images definitely pull the reader in. Encourage your audience to connect with you beyond the inbox. To make this happen, include links and clickable call to action (CTA) that leads to destinations like your website, registrations etc.

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8. Call to action:

This is nothing but interacting with your recipient. Ask your recipients questions that drive to interact with email. The CTA can further improve the click through of your emails. It is very important to place them at the opening or closing section of the emails, so that they come handy when the recipient wants to use it.

9. Email testing:

The emails are generally prepared in a particular device. This may or may not be compatible with all the other devices present. Hence, email testing is a must to do aspect of marketing. The testing is done to ensure that the email is well fitted and readable on almost all gadgets. Initiate the test by aiming a group of audience before the final distribution.

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10. Get your timing right:

The timing here is based upon the frequency of sending mails. The correct timing is picking up a correct day in the week. And correct time in the day. The correct timing is selected to improve the open rate of the emails. This can be ruled out by first checking it in a group of people before fixing to a particular schedule.

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10. Practice courtesy:

In any situation, you should treat your recipient with respect and courtesy. Along with that you should also to be friendly and personal. Hence, the best idea is to call your recipient by their first names, if they are old contacts.

11. add unsubscribe:

Not having an unsubscribe button just leaves your readers annoyed and irritated. No marketer wants to be paying for people who just delete your emails and mark them as spam. So to avoid all this it is better to let people unsubscribe when they don’t want to receive your emails anymore.

Are you looking at having email marketing done for your customers? Explain us the concept and we will strategist, design, sent and get you reports on opens, clicks and more. To know more about our virtual assistant services, please contact us at:

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Do it Yourself Social Media Campaigns for Ecommerce

According to WeAreSocial, more than half of the world’s population uses the internet. That is about 2.80 billion social media users in 2017 and this figure is bound to increase in the next few years. Imagine the percentage of people in the world that would have access to the internet. Online business transactions will thrive with the increase in internet users.

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It is no secret that many ecommerce websites have now taken advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many others to drive sales and increase online visibility so as to attract customers. So the question is what are the DIY social media practises that promote ecommerce businesses?

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1) Carry out Proper Research

As an ecommerce business owner, you should have proper knowledge of the demographic you’re targeting and which social media platforms you’re most likely to find them on. This will save you the stress of advertising to people who may not be interested in your products. Research has shown that adults from the age of 18-34 are very likely to follow online brands on social media platforms.

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2) Make Use of Engaging Content

Several ecommerce business owners have lost customers and viewers on social media platforms because they post uninteresting and long-winded content. Your posts should always be short and straight to the point. The first few lines matter a lot because most people only skim the first few words to decide whether it holds their interest or now. Make your brand stand out by producing attention-holding content.

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3) Stand Out With Your Images

Studies carried out from human brain activity have shown that images and graphics stand out much more than words do. Always be sure to include an image or two that is related to your post and captures your viewers’ attention. At times, these images can pass across a longer lasting impression than words.

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In conclusion, the social media is a goldmine for ecommerce business owners who know how to effectively explore all the added advantages. Contact us today and our experts at Libra Web Solutions will help you maximise these benefits.
Libra Web Solutions is a reputable Ecommerce solution specialist that has transformed 75+ ecommerce ventures worldwide. Our services include Social Media Campaigns and our team of experts are always willing to respond to your business needs with efficiency and quality.

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