How to Bulk Import Products in Opencart

How to Bulk Import Products in Opencart

This article will provide the necessary information required to import multiple products in Open Cart. The steps are outlined below with explanations.

1) Download the CSV Product Import Extension:

This can be found in Open Cart under Extensions and it costs about $15. Search for CSV Product Import in the search field to find it. You will find a sample of CSV file which you can format to fit your requirements. Your CSV file must be in spreadsheet format and this can be created using Google Docs or Microsoft Excel.

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2) Importing CSV File via Google Docs:

Once you are logged into your Gmail account, select Drive then click Create on the side bar. Select Spreadsheet. To import a prepared spreadsheet, click on File and select Import. Browse through your files and select the desired document. Click Open and select the option to Replace Current Sheet. Leave the Separator Character on Automatic. Then click on Import. Your CSV should appear in the spreadsheet.

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3) What Are You Likely to find on a CSV File?

A CSV file should contain some of the following fields: product, type, model, price, category, stock, description, URL link to product image, etc.

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4) How to Upload the File:

Go to the back end where the Dashboard is. Select System and click on CSV Product Import. There are three steps to complete.
Step One: under Product Update Mode, select Add New Records. In the following field, select Comma. Afterwards, select the File from Open Cart which should be on the left side bar and upload it. After selecting your file, leave the following fields as they are. Click Next.
Step Two: Your product fields should be displayed. Ensure that the product names match otherwise you won’t be able to sync your updates. Click Next.
Step Three: The update process will begin and you will be notified once the products are completely updated, click Done.
After saving your progress, return to the Store Front to check how your updates turned out.

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