Top 10 Email Marketing Platforms

What shows biggest impact on the success of your marketing campaign? Choosing the best email marketing service.

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing tool. It establishes direct contact with your customers, gives you full control and most important it is easy to manage.

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Good email marketing service is very important as it enables you to create highly engaging emails, manage your contacts, segment your users into groups, tracks the performance of email campaign, most importantly it ensures that email don’t end up in a spam folder.

Let’s take a look at some of the best email marketing service providers:

1. MailChimp:

It is most popular email service provider. They provide great tools, awesome support and easy to use user interface. It integrates many platforms like magneto, word press etc. it comes with email creator, merge tags, auto responds, segmenting contacts into groups and simple tracking. Based on users time zone it allows to setup delivery time and setup segmenting based on geolocation.

Lot of customer support is offered by email, live chat and a huge knowledge base with videos and tutorials.

MailChimp offers a forever free plan which allows you to send 12,000 emails for 2000 subscribers. Their paid plans start from $10/month.

Because of the free plan, MailChimp is best email marketing service so far.

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2. Active Campaign:

ActiveCampaign combines your email marketing with CRM and sales. It provides you with all tools you need to create and master marketing campaigns. ActiveCampaign comes with an attractive template edit and mobile friendly sign up forms. It also simplifies your work by segmenting contacts based on their actions, locations, behaviour and social data. It also fetches additional data about contacts by using their email address.

It also integrates with third party software including word press along with that you can also send SMS message to your contacts for follow up on campaigns.

ActiveCampaign plan starts from $9/month. You can also request a free demo with limited features for a test run.

Even the pricing on the ActiveCampaign gets quite high, it is totally worth the money if marketing automation is what you are looking for.

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3. Get Response:

It is a hugely popular email marketing solution. It is extremely easy to use and simplifies email marketing for small businesses and absolute beginners. It allows you to create smart automated campaigns with help of some amazing marketing tools. They use tools such as drag and drop builder with which you can create campaign, segment contacts and send content designed for specific groups.

GetResponse also comes with A/B testing, tracking, auto response, landing pages, response forms. It also integrates with third party lead generation software like optinmonster, sales force, Google docs, Zen dex etc.

They also provide support by phone, live chat, emails etc. They provide a help section which is full of free learning material including videos, webinars, guide etc.

GetResponse offers a 30 day free trail, their pricing starts from $15/ month.

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4. Constant Contact:

ConstantContact is one of the fastest growing and largest email marketing services in the world. Most importantly it is beginner friendly and easy to use. ConstantContact can easily manage your email lists, contacts, templates and more. Each account gives you access to easy tracking and reporting, built in social media sharing tools, image library and 1 GB of storage for your own files.

They also offer unmatched support with live chat, email and a vast library of resources. They also offer online training as well as live seminars in your neighbourhood. This allows small business to quickly learn the basics of email marketing and start using it like a pro.

It has a 60 day free trail and after that their pricing starts at $20/month.

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5. AWeber:

AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing service providers in the world. They offer a wide range of tools for small and medium sized businesses to manage their email marketing. Getting started with AWeber is easy, you get access to ready to use email templates, list management, auto responders, email tracking etc.

They also offer support through live chat, phone support, live webinars and a vast library of tutorials.

It offers a 30 day free trail, after that their pricing starts from $14/month.

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6. Conver Kit:

ConverKit is a most popular platform for personal bloggers, authors and marketers. It is extremely easy to use and is incredibly powerful. It allows you to easily offer content upgrades and incentives with email sign ups and also manages auto responders allowing you to send drip emails. ConverKit easily segments contacts into old one and new ones; this is great for marketing automation.

Pricing starts from $29 /month with a 30 day refund policy.

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7. Campaign Monitor:

CampaignMonitor is another popular email marketing solution. It gives u everything you need to be a successful campaigner. They have a drag and drop email builder which allows you to use professional designed email template and you can personalize each message using rich customer data. This makes emails more personal and gives much better results. They also offer drag and drop segmentation tool to create different campaigns for different contacts based on their behaviour and action. They also have easy to use A/B testing, tracking, optimization and social sharing tools.

Campaign Monitor pricing starts from $ 9/month.

8. Pardot:

Pardot, powered by sales force, is a most popular marketing tool. It offers a cutting edge marketing technology that places all your marketing needs and CRM under one roof. It offers email builder with responsive and out of the box templates, drag and drop nurturing builder, scheduled email sending, A/B testing, rendering and spam filter check ups. It is also extremely user friendly and has great integrations with CRM and tons of other tools.

It is quite a bit high on price. It has different pricing tires starting from $100 per month.

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9. Interspire :

Interspire email marketer is a true all in one communications platform and includes everything you need to create, send and track professional HTML emails, autoresponders, surveys, events, contacts, and more. It is fully featured email marketing software which has been developed by marketing experts.

They have a lot of features to offer their customers. You can choose from dozens of beautiful templates, you can upload your existing email campaign from your computer, unlimited image hosting, you can view a preview in your web browser, they also allow you to add a link from your email campaign to another.

The pricing starts from $495 per month which is a bit high but it is totally worth it.

10. Net Results:

NetResults is an amazing platform that helps to build, connect, convert and measure all your automated email marketing efforts. With the help of NetResults you can automate marketing workflow, trigger marketing events with a click and power your list segmentation. It provides you a drag and drop email builder automated list management, triggered automated tasks. The software also offers 3 dimensional lead scoring, social media management and sales automation work flow.

Their pricing is a bit high of about $900/month for under 10,000 members.

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For all your email automations done for your customers, explain us the concept and we will strategist, design, send and get you reports on open, clicks and more. To know more about our virtual assistant services, please contact us at

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Email Automation

Email marketing is most effective chance for marketing business. Every serious marketer needs not only to know how the automation is done but also how to do it successfully. Smart companies already started to setup their automated bulk email campaigns to trigger off their users actions.

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What is Email Automation Services?

As the name implies, automated bulk email marketing is sending out emails to your customers and prospects automatically based on a schedule and they are timely, personalized and hyper relevant to the reader. As a result, they are opened and clicked more frequently.

Before getting started with a system like this that not only sends relevant, engaging emails to customers, but does it automatically, you should know what types of automated bulk emails you can send. These emails generally fall into two categories:

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  1. Trigger emails:

They are just what they sound! They are the emails that are triggered based on your subscriber’s behaviour. They generally include

  • Welcome emails

  • Milestone emails

  • Refer a friend emails

  • Bonus emails

  • Reward emails

  1. Drip feed emails:

They are the type of messages that deliver sequential messages based on a time frame you specify. It can also be a great source of extra revenue, if properly used. They are most commonly used to deliver things to subscribers that have signed up for a free report and to get them to take the next step.

It would be a huge waste of time to manually create and send email campaign to every person. So, instead, you could set up an automated welcome email that gets sent whenever a new person joins signups list. The original beauty of email automation is you can set up email once and then as more people come and meet the trigger you defined, the email continue to be sent to them without your interference. It essentially automates your marketing for you. Personalize your marketing with powerful automation that talk to your customer just like you would.

Email automation works on a basic trigger and action system, you are only limited by what you can do by your creativity and business needs. Here are most common ideas of automated bulk emails you can start sending today that will help grow your business.

1. Welcome:

96% of visitors to your websites are not actually ready to get engaged with you. But, they have clearly shown interest in your business and these are the perfect candidates to continue communication. A great way to do this is to get them to subscribe to your email list. Once they’ve subscribed, you can use an automated bulk email campaign to welcome them to your list and offer a special subscriber only offer.

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2. Increase usage:

Generally most of the companies utilize free trial period to get potential customers to try the product and then become a paying customer. Before people will convert into a paying customer, they need to realize the value of your product during the free trail period, if not why would they start paying for it?

So, to encourage people to progress through those steps and realize the value of your product, you can utilize a series of automated bulk emails that go out people when they get subscribed or create an account.

Although they take a little time to set up, these emails continue to be sent to everyone who gets engaged with you and help to grow our business by encouraging people to progress through the various steps they need to go through to become a paying customer.

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3. Feedback:

It’s highly impossible to build a product that your customers want, when u particularly don’t have any understanding of about what your customers actually want. One of the best ways to find the understanding of your customer is by asking them directly. This helps you to grow your business in a number of ways.

Good news is this kind of email is super easy to set up and you can start getting quality feedback right away. You can either ask people to reply directly with their feedback, or you can link through to surveys to get more structured data.

4. Constant information:

Who wants to lose their existing customers? Well, no one. Losing existing customers can cost your business a lot of money. One of the best ways to make sure you don’t lose a customer is to send them email campaigns informing them that their subscription, account, or policy with you is about to run out.

They are quiet easy to set up. You simply pass in the expiration date of the person’s subscription or account, and then set up a series of automatic emails to go out in days before that date. This kind of emails are extremely effective at getting people to renew their accounts, and can help you grow your business by generating more revenue from your customer base.

5. Offer a surprise:

Surprise here is nothing but sending a simple birthday email. They are one of the most common types of automated bulk emails you can send and they can be extremely effectively when done right. This email not only wishes the reader a happy birthday but they also show care about their customers. Also provide them with a highly relevant birthday offer that encourages them to make a purchase.

This kind of email is super easy to set up if you have your customer’s date of birth. You simply set up a recurring email based on a date, and the email will automatically be sent each time that date rolls out around.

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6. Remainders:

Repeat business is a critical driver of growth for many organizations. One of the best ways to get repeat business from your existing customers is to send them regular remainder emails. This works particularly well for businesses that provide a service on a recurring basis, like mechanics who offer regular tune ups or dentists who do routine check ups and cleans.

As long as you are keeping track of your clients most recent appointment times, this type of email is easy to setup. They helps to grow your business by automatically reminding your existing customers to come back for another appointment and helps to increase revenue form your existing customer base.

7. Promote your posts:

Do you run a blog as a part of your company’s marketing mix, then email is one of the

most powerful channels for growing your audience. When you publish a new post on your blog, make sure you send your subscribers an email alerting them of the new post and enticing them to click through and read it.

To do this for your business, set up an automated bulk email that monitors your blogs RSS feed for new posts and automatically pulls the content in and sends the email to your list of subscribers. This kind of campaign helps to grow your business by attracting subscribers back to your website to consume and share your content.

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8. Promote your event:

If your business includes running events, meet ups or webinars, then getting people to attend is critical to driving a positive return on investment. Even if you get a large number of registrations only about 50% people end up attending. A great way to increase this is to send people bulk email remainder emails in the lead up to the event, then a series of follow up emails after the event.

Automated bulk emails like the ones above can help grow your business without having to put hours of your precious time and effort into creating and sending email campaigns. As a marketer, you likely have more things competing for your limited time and resources. However, of all opportunities available to you to grow your business, email marketing still remains one of the most impactful, and setting up automated bulk emails can help you drive results without having to spend time continuously working on them.

All your automated bulk email marketing needs are answered here at Libra web solutions. If you are looking for having email marketing done for your customers, explain us the concept and we will strategize, design, and send and get you know about the reports on open, clicks and more. To know more about our virtual assistant services please contact us at

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Catalogue management services for your ecommerce businessa

Here’s everything you have to know about Catalogue management services for your ecommerce business

Today’s customers demand rich, consistent and detailed product information from all retailers. So, as a merchant, you should always be ready to meet their expectations. What actually this ecommerce catalogue management service is? Well, it is a strategic process of managing your ecommerce product catalog, which eventually helps to ensure the quality of your product data across all of your sales channels. It also includes how to organize, standardize, and publish your product data to each sales channel. It doesn’t matter if your product data is your own or from others, like suppliers. All you need to do is to manage it in a way that ensures accuracy across all of your products.

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Why ecommerce catalog management is important?

In today’s market, taking time, effort and resources to properly manage your product catalog is worth it. Your ecommerce product catalogue management helps build the foundation of your business.

1. Create rich, consistent product information:

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A properly managed ecommerce product catalog should result in quality data. You just want to make sure that you have customer ready product information that is consistent and fully attributed. When you have a quality data, you can then build a true omnichannel experience across all of your sales channels.

2. Improve customer experience:

Detailed product information ensures your products are searchable, easy to find, and makes customers confident that they’re buying the exact item they want. Rich, detailed product information ties back into a better customer experience. When you provide this type of customer experience, customers choose you over competitors and then return for repeat purchases.

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3. Grow your business:

A good ecommerce catalog management strategy should allow you to support a larger catalog of products that you can get to market faster. It also provides merchant a better foundation to grow their business.

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  • Expand product assortment: When you product data isn’t a mess, it’s easy for you to add more products. With a structure already in place, you can add these products without feeling overwhelmed.

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  • Work with suppliers: another way to grow business is to start working with wholesalers or suppliers. You can develop these relationships so you can find new products you want to sell. Supplier data is usually poor, as they don’t sell directly to the consumers so they don’t need all the extra attributes you’ll need to sell on your channels. Merchants with good catalog management are able to upload and format supplier data so they can start expanding their business.

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Challenges of ecommerce catalog management:

The idea of ecommerce catalog management seems simple enough. You just have to maintain a single catalog of all your ecommerce products. But it’s actually quite hard for merchants. If you update your product information on regular basis, you have a lot of changes to make in different places. Some merchants also receive product information from suppliers. This product data has to be formatted with extra attributes and information to be customer ready on your site. Merchants often have large teams who spend weeks compiling, updating and publishing product data. It’s easy for this data to get messy. This is a problem for both you and your customers.

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How to improve your ecommerce catalogue management?

This entirely depends on the tools you have at your disposal. You’ll generally need a central place to manage your products. Here are three different places you can manage products for you.

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Managing a product catalogue in your ecommerce platform:

If you have a lot of products though and sell across different channels, you’ll quickly outgrow this solution. If you’re just starting out and selling only on your branded site, you can most likely manage your catalog on your ecommerce platform. You’ll have the minimum tools you need to upload and bulk edit your products. Your ecommerce platform wasn’t designed for your product information management, so you’ll lack the extra functionality you need.

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Managing a product catalog in excel:

Many merchants often turn to the mighty power of excel to organize and edit their product data. This is usually an affordable solution to manage product data from different sources. You’ll spend the time upfront formatting, combining and monitoring the quality of your data. But you’ll be able to create different formats of your product information to be uploaded to different sales channels. Excel definitely works for smaller retailers. But, larger merchants will also quickly realize that excel doesn’t result in the quality product data you actually need.

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Managing a product catalog using Product Information Management system:

Growing retailers who sell on different channels and also work with suppliers should consider investing in PIM system. It is a designated application built to centralize and manage all of your product data, no matter where it is coming from and where it needs to go to. Ideally, a PIM streamlines the process it takes to upload, standardize, and publish your data to your sales channels. It ensures that you always have rich, consistent product information that your customers are searching for.

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Thinking about ecommerce catalog management goes hand in hand thinking about your product strategy. If you are looking to develop catalogue management services for your ecommerce business, we are with you to help. Contact us at At Libra web solutions we successfully transformed around 80 ecommerce ventures for customers from UK, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore since 2008.

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How to Bulk Import Products in Magento 2.0

The Magento 2.0 offers advanced features to e-commerce store owners who would like to update entities on their Magento store. For those who would like to easily import bulk products on their Magento 2.0 store, below is a quick guide with assisting images to help you accomplish this task.

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Step One:

Log into the back-end of your Magento 2.0 store which offers a view of your Admin Panel.

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Step Two:

From the Admin sidebar, search for System, Data, Transfer, Import. Under the heading Import, select Entity Type then Products.

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Step Three:

View the content of the file and check to be sure that CSV (Comma Separated Values) are correct. Also be sure that all paths and links to their respective image. Next, navigate to Import Behaviour section. Set the field below it on Stop on Error. Input the number of errors upon which to stop under Allowed Errors Count. Leave the following section in its default mode.

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Step Four :

Go over to the File to Import field. Select Choose File button and click on Open. Under the Images File Directory, input the path or URL to your uploaded images.
Select Check Data on the display page and be patient until the process is complete. Once it is successful, the Import button will appear in the Validation Results.

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Step Five:

Return to the Admin sidebar, select System, Data, Transfer, and Import History.

Libra Web Solutions offers exceptional services to new and existing ecommerce store owners looking to expand on the Magento platform. Get in touch with us now and get a quote on our services.

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Tips for writing emails that get opened, read and clicked

The marketing of business has been changed tremendously over years. Email marketing is an important tool in the business marketing. The reason why you create marketing emails is to engage with your customers and inspire them enough to click your business links. For this to happen, you carefully create an email with lot of effort and with the best subject line available. When everything is done you will send it off to customers. But things don’t go as planned, when you look at the stats you notice that the opens aren’t as good as you’d hoped. This is both disappointing and depressing.

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You should not let it stop you. It feels like a big challenge to get people to open and read your emails and then to go on to click through. But it doesn’t really need to be so hard. Simply find what works for your audience and continually test and measure new things over time.

Read on to see some of the most important things that take to write emails that get opened, read and clicked.

How to create that are eagerly anticipated by people?

When you see a lot of emails in your inbox, which one would you read first, the one from your friends or the one from a market corporation? It’s a simple pick, isn’t it? Every one is naturally interested to read emails that have a positive relationship with sender. This is what you should aim if you want your readers to be waiting in anticipation of your emails. You should consider behaving more like a fried and create a more minimalistic email.

These are some of the essential tips for friendly and eagerly anticipated emails:

1. Personalize your email:

You may have a lot of customers and subscribers. But, you should always write an email as if you are emailing one person only. This instantly makes your emails more personal. Replace the words like ‘customer’ and ‘subscriber’ with ‘you’.

2. Dont waste peoples time:

You should never waste your subscriber’s time. Email them only when you have something valuable to say. By this people will get to know that you dot want to waste their time and it eventually leads them to open your email when they see your name in inbox.

3. Reward them:

Want is main point of sending the emails to people? They should be benefited by your emails, which eventually lead your business. This can be done easily by rewarding your customers for coming back to you. Reward need not to be monetary always, it can be either a useful tip or you could give away a free e guide for interesting stories.

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What makes people open your emails?

Inboxes are the most congested places ever. What would you do when you see two emails from unknown sources? It’s obvious that you would open the one with the most promising and catchy subject line. Writing appealing subject lines that stands out will let people open your emails.

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Here are a handful of tips for writing effective email subject lines:

1. Promise good:

When people know how exactly you’ll make them happier or what they’ll learn from you, they will have an increased urge to read further. Your subscribers are only interested in what’s in it for. Remember!!

2. Mention a deadline:

If your email contains an offer that is available only for a limited time or a particular time, make sure you mention it in your subject line. By doing so it creates a sense of urgency, which makes people open your emails.

3. Avoid mistakes:

This may be a basic one to mention, but it plays an important role while grabbing your customer’s attention. When your customer finds out any mistake in the subject line, they would never ever want to open your email. To avoid this, check your email before sending it to customers, and ensure that there are no mistakes.

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4. Update:

There’s no guarantee that same subject line works every day. It’s important to change the subject line according to the body of the email. Along with that check the open rates, so that you can optimise future emails and learn what works for your audience.

5. Power words:

Power words are nothing but that the words that add power to your lines and that grab people’s attention and evoke emotion. Think of some words like awesome and devastating. But, be very cautious while using these words, because when they are used wrong, they may create a negative impact on your subscriber.

How to get your links clicked?

Now you have got people to open your emails. Whats next?? Your job isn’t over yet. Readers can still lose interest and move on to something else. How do you keep their attention? How do you keep them reading your emails?

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Here are some tips to help you create engaging emails:

1. Short and simple:

A long and lengthy email kills your reader’s interest. Try toning your text to half next time you edit. Don’t complicate your email with your long sentences. Respect your reader’s time and get to the point. Try to stick with one key message per email.

2. Use images:

It is important that you include text links in your email, as well as images in order to make it easy for readers to click through for more. Arrows and other images are great at prompting readers to click.

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3. P.S:

Whether the reader has read all the way to bottom of your email or quickly scrolled their way through, P.S is a great place to remind them why they should click. There’s something about this P.S, it just grabs people’s attention!!

4. Be clear:

What do you want your readers to do? Would you like them to register for an event, purchase a product, read an article or claim an offer? Be clear and specific, don’t be afraid to ask for a click to make it obvious to readers what you want from them.

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5. Personal touch:

What are you ultimately trying to do with your customers? You are trying to get your readers know, like, and trust you, aren’t you? Consider your emails to be a way of talking to your customers or readers. Don’t just automate your greetings, mixing up your greetings make you less robotic and more personal.

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So, these are some of the most important tips that take you to write emails that get opened, read and clicked. Do you find it difficult creating email campaigns that drive conversion?? We could do that for you. Please get in touch with us at: for all your campaign needs.

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Check out these 9 benefits of using online invoicing software for your ecommerce businesses

Check out these 9 benefits of using online invoicing software for your ecommerce businesses

Businesses of all sizes need to look for ways to save time and money. Running an ecommerce business requires the business owners to maintain professional standards and create delightful experiences for customers. It is equally important to add necessary support and services for the business to get the customers to be satisfied and stay for longer. To do this one has to create beautiful looking website and add unique product and service offerings. The right set of tools would help in providing prompt customer services and professional approach for the customer to appreciate the services and also recommend them to peers. Online invoicing is one such way of building a positive image with customer. Online invoicing software which sends quick professional invoices to clients is an absolute essential now.

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Let’s check the advantages of an invoicing solution for an ecommerce business:

1. Brand identity:

The more, the business showcases itself and the customers, the more is the recall and therefore the better chances of conversions. Ecommerce business has to engage with the customers on a regular basis. The business can add their logo, complete company details and other customized messages to brand presence and brand engagement with existing customers. Post-sale relationship building and word of mouth publicity is a result of such consistent efforts in making the customer feel important. Forwarding a thank you message once the invoice has been viewed or paid by the customer makes them feel they are buying from a genuine company.

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2. Reduces errors and invoice disputes:

Manual invoicing to all the ecommerce customers may be almost impossible. Sending and verifying manual invoices may take a very long time and make the process unmanageable. The customers are looking for quick order placements and payments. Ecommerce customers are looking for professional services and any sort of mistakes are usually unacceptable to them. In this process, online invoicing comes to the rescue. Sending invoices online and having an automated verification process in place helps in reducing any chances of invoice errors or disputes. An invoicing solution ensures better customer support by providing a single dashboard to manage all the invoices.

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3. Environmental friendly:

Saving paper and sending and storing invoices online, helps you going paperless and making your business more environment friendly. Adding this as a social initiative to your business, adds to your reputation among customers. This also saves office space as well, as these invoices are stored online; there is no need to stack up different files related to invoices, estimates and purchase orders.

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4. Financial management:

An online invoicing solution helps in providing detailed financial reports for better management of company finances. Ongoing financial management and control is absolutely essential for an ecommerce business. Tax reports help in managing the cash flow for paying up the taxes on time. Client-wise invoice reports help in analyzing the sales and revenue from the respective clients. Expense reports are useful in analysing the expenses periodically and keeping them under control. This provides long term stability and growth for the system. Analysing detailed outstanding reports helps in forecasting the expenses with ease and planning expansions accordingly.

5. Simple auditing:

Appropriate recording and saving of expense receipts online, helps in getting necessary tax deductions and tax savings. A cloud invoicing solution helps you to save all your invoices, estimates, expense recipients and other related documents online. This makes the internal as well as external audit, extremely simple and time saving process. A transparent mechanism of saving all documents on the cloud helps the tax authorities to view and analyze them easily. This also saves time and effort in providing the necessary details to the authorities. Internal audit and expense tracking becomes easier, with proper documentation of all expenses and receipts.

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6. Productivity:

Professional online invoicing integrated with your ecommerce platform, helps in sending automated invoices to the customer’s inbox, as soon as the sale gets completed. Sending manual invoices after tracking the sale manually, is time and resource consuming. The manual process is also fraught with risks of errors on the invoice. An integrated solution helps in both invoice generation as well as invoice verification. The solution also offers integrated payments, so the customer can make immediate payments, online. The whole process saves a lot of time and resources in sending out manual follow up mails and payment remainders. It also helps send recurring invoices for long term deals and subscriptions.

7. Easy access:

Online invoicing for ecommerce business makes it easier to access the invoices anytime, anywhere. The complete data is stored on the cloud and can be easily managed by logging in from any device. This ultimately makes management of invoices and estimates really simple and the process really flexible. Resolving disputes by accessing invoices and account statements from anywhere, improves the level of services that you can provide to the clients. Estimates and purchase orders can be sent to client anytime, anywhere in the case of urgency.

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8. Automation:

The greatest advantage that online invoicing has is automation. This means that you can set up recurring payments for long-term clients. You can also establish a subscription based business model. The automation system also sends follow ups and payment remainders for upcoming and past due invoices. Automating these tasks saves you a ton of time and money and you can focus on growing your business. You don’t need to pay someone else for all this administrative tasks. This eliminates the frustration of chasing down these payments.

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9. Modernity:

Finally, online invoicing gives you and your business a more modern and professional look and feel. It provides an image and impression on your clients and customers. It is definitely going to help the delays and barriers to accepting payments. ‘Cash only’ method may be convenient to the business. But as a customer it is the most annoying thing because no customer always really carries cash. At such situations online invoicing comes to the rescue.

There are numerous ways to befit from an invoicing solution. But, to do so you should choose right tools that help to simplify the business process and improve business productivity. We, at Libra web solutions love helping businesses and we work you to expand your business online. We help with invoicing, time tracking and your overall business needs. If you need any help, contact us right now at

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Take a look at why should consider ecommerce support-services

Take a look at why should consider ecommerce support services

Thanks to the increasing adoption of smart phones and internet. It eventually increased the number of customers who prefer ecommerce store for shopping. In this increasingly competitive environment, personalizing your website helps businesses to rise over and help push their e-business closer to your audience. What is this personalization? It is nothing but the capability of a web store to deliver a buying experience personalized to every visitor. The interests of the customers will be greatly varied. There will be someone who wants to buy the product now, some one who want to buy but carry an extensive research first, and some only to find out the information. These multiple things differentiate one visitor from another. These are often addressed by personalizing a site visitor’s experience. This personalization is made by various services available to collect and analyze each and every aspect of your customers.

Libra Web Solutions service include: Ecommerce Support Services, Amazon Virtual Assistant Services, Flipkart Virtual Assistant Services, Ecommerce Operations Management Contact Us Now

Why should you consider ecommerce support services? What do they do to your business? Well, take a look.

1. Increases engagement with your brand:

Nearly 60% of customers prefer if an online store remembers their contact details and purchase information. The increased engagement directly adds to the bottom line of the company and also saves you a lot of money that brand spends in ads. If your customer is able to relate to your website better, he or she will automatically spend more time on it and is also tempted to come back in the future.

Contact us for Ecommerce Support Services

2. Improves customer experience:

Personalization builds a long term relationship with customers through customized landing pages, targeted ads, curated email messaging etc. This helps users find specific content those appeals to their needs. This lands the business in the light of being customer centric as against business centric. This eventually increases business by improving customer satisfaction and association.

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3. Increase in order size:

With specifically related information flowing out to your customers, there is a higher chance of them indulging in shopping and buying more per visit. At a point of nearly completing the sale, if you could add a few product recommendations the chances of you being able to sell more products, in the same transaction go up significantly.

Contact us for Flipkart Virtual Assistant Services

4. Improves sales:

Simple and straight forward personalization helps you better to target your customers and catch their attention. The customers today have a very little attention span and therefore, your window of opportunity is also limited. Personalization helps businesses improve conversions by presenting the information; you want to share with them, in a manner relevant to them. By adopting this particular approach, you can definitely promote a particular product that will appeal your customers and helps in a successful transaction.

5. Improves customer loyalty:

Loyal customers can effortlessly be lured into more business. For most of the brands loyal customers are their brand influencers and brand advocates, who not only purchase the products themselves, but also recommend them to others. All this eventually paves the way to a healthy sustainable online business environment.

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6. Competitive advantage:

The thing that differentiates your website from your competitor is the user experience you offer your customer. Obviously, the friendlier ecommerce website appeals on a higher ground to the user. Ecommerce personalization helps you arrive at just that.

A perfect store is one which performs functionally well, thereby targets more number of users and generates leads. Once a website is developed, it becomes an important on your part to look after its functionality and performance. Support and maintenance program mainly focuses on providing quality and professional outlook to your website. Here, we are going to discuss about 5 crucial ecommerce support services that can boost up your business in multiple ways and helps in avoiding the premature decisions. Most common and popular ecommerce support and maintenance services provided are:

  • Optimizing conversion rate

  • Ecommerce security management

  • Modification in layout and coding

  • On site SEO

  • Monitoring website

  • Support for custom modules

  • Tech support and maintenance

Libra Web Solutions service include: Ecommerce Support Services, Amazon Virtual Assistant Services, Flipkart Virtual Assistant Services, Ecommerce Operations Management Contact Us Now

Whether it’s about updating any latest information or ongoing monitoring services, we are here to help you from initial stage to the last step so that your business runs smoothly.. Libra web solutions is a perfect place if you are looking for your ecommerce store maintenance and support. Contact us at to offer your users with a website friendly experience, each time they come to visit your website.

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Things you should consider before hiring an ecommerce specialist

Now a days you hardly see a business that doesn’t has its very own website. Creating a website is not just enough to create a good impression on your visitors. You have to design your website properly so that it holds your company’s profile in a good word. If you are contemplating on having a website for your company, it is a great decision. If you are unsure about designing a website, then always hire an expert to do the job for you. If it is something new to you, we understand your frustration and challenges. Hiring a marketer is one of the most important decisions you can make to your business. If you get it right, you can find a lot of productivity. But, if you get it wrong, you will land yourself with an expensive way to waste time and energy. To overcome this, you need some professional help with your website. Now days, there are a lot of website builders available to help you.

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Here are five steps to help you hire a marketer fast, efficiently and well.

1. Advertise the role:

Think about who your ideal candidate is. You need to advertise your role as you would advertise your product. You should sound exciting and appealing to those who may know little about company. Don’t shy away to show some personality in your job advertisements. Draw in potential candidates from very start, highlighting your company values and originality within the employer pool with your advertisements.

Contact us for Ecommerce specialist Services

2. Be creative:

Traditional hiring process often takes human out of the process. You should not forget that you’re hiring people and not just an endless list of skills and requirements, especially in early stages. After all, a marketer at any stage has to be able to think creatively about how to pitch something. To do so, allow candidates to submit their application in any way they choose.

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3. Invest in talent:

Go out and find your ideal candidate. Don’t wait for your dream marketing candidates to come to you. You should go out there and find them. What should you do to find your dream candidate??

  • go to events

  • talk to your connections

  • encourage your team to write articles and extend the reach of company

Create a network effect around your business. There are relatively lots of groups of marketing professionals who meet up regularly for networking. Promote your company, allow your company to meet new talent by offering your office space to hold an event and show how you support development. Invest in young talent, hire apprentice and interns.

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4. Dedication:

Make sure you select a company that deliver good quality services on time. You obviously don’t want to hire a web research design company that is not dedicated in providing what you want. When we talk about dedication, we not only talk about how the website is designed, we should also consider the tech support the company provides. Your website may face many issues and it’s the responsibility of the designing company to have a tech team on stand by to help you out. But how do you find out the dedication of company?? Simplest way to do so is, speak to the customers. This helps you rule out the dedication of the designing company.

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5. Reputation:

How can you forget about the reputation of a company before hiring it?? It is one of the most important factors you should consider when you hiring. How can you get to know about the reputation of a company? Internet is a wonderful place to check out the reputation of a company. Along with that, you should also read reviews to understand which company will cater your needs. As internet makes everything easy, it should not be very for you.

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6. Co-ordination:

What’s the use of working with the company, that doesn’t consider your ideas?? That’s why always hire a company that will give you a constant update on the progress of your website and always consider your ideas. You should regularly have a meeting with creative team of the company and discuss what to expect from them. To check it, ask the company to prepare a few samples for you, by examining these you can decide whether you should hire the agency or not.

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7. Assesments:

To get a clear idea of candidate, give them a task to complete. You can test multiple skills with one task. It can be a written test that stretches their attention to detail, ability to craft a message and tailor their language to different channels without asking too much in terms of experience. You should never hesitate to give a candidate a do-over in our sales roles, you should ask candidates to complete a task, give them feedback and then ask them to complete the task again. Involve your colleagues and range of people from around the business while interview. After all your new hire is going to become part of the fabric of team, so it is important to find how well they fit in the role and how competent they are.

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These are some of the steps you should consider while hiring a web designing company. The only thing you should remember is to hire a company carefully and not to rush into things too quickly

If you are looking to hire an ecommerce solution specialist, contact us right now at to ensure that your business is in safe hands. Libra web solutions is an ecommerce solution specialist transformed about 80 ecommerce ventures for customers from UK, Australia, India, Singapore and India since 2008.

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Let me help you with some useful digital marketing tips to improve your marketing strategy

Let me help you with some useful digital marketing tips to improve your marketing strategy

If we go 10 years back, most of the startup businesses had only one option to enter ecommerce business, to build a custom website. A basic custom ecommerce site back then costs too much. Many of the sites were built by web shops that use proprietary software. Now days companies have numerous inexpensive options for starting an ecommerce website that do not actually require costly programming updates and expensive support contracts.

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Its natural to feel frustrated when sales are down or when not getting enough traffic. That would be the perfect time to consult with an expert and get help turning your store around. Here we’ve collected few pieces of advice to improve your internet marketing strategy.

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Let’s dive in.

1. Give people a reason:

There are already lots of retailers present in the market. To attract customers, give people a reason to come to your store. To do so, hold exclusive events, introduce limited and only available items in your store. Also try using coupons to promote your store.

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2. Make your own content:

What builds a strong connection with your customers?? Nothing but original content. You have a unique opportunity to choose between original and unoriginal content. Many companies use content from around the web in their ecommerce strategies to free up time for other business tasks. But, this doesn’t have the same effect as original content. Original content like videos, blog posts, audio segments, and ebooks help you build your ecommerce site as a knowledge base.

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3. Research your sales:

To keep your business in track, you should never stop researching. Research your sales, research your inventory, research your vendor sell through, research your competition, research their customers, research your customers, research your employees before hiring, research selling techniques and research customer service care to help them succeed. Simply, always research what you can do to improve your sales, your marketing, your merchandising and even yourself. Never stop researching.

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4. Don’t just be a small business:

You know that you are a small business, don’t let people think about your business as such. Give them a reason to shop with you. Offer unique, well crafted items that are often available in limit.

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5. Tell a story:

If you have a great traffic to your site, create a strong impact on your customers about the site. Your window display must be your invitation to the passer by. A well designed window display encourages impulse sales and peaks a customer’s curiosity. It might even tug at their heartstrings. Try creating videos of your customers with the products, add them to your window display and it creates a great impact on the traffic of your site.

Hiring a quality search engine optimization consultant can be expensive and tricky to navigate. Guiding and effectively managing SEO consultants is equally challenging. Here are some tips that business owners can try before hiring SEO agency.

1. Blogging:

You don’t definitely have to start a blog, but you should publish your own content on a scheduled basis. That doesn’t mean to turn your business into a publishing company. But, schedule weekly, monthly or bi-monthly publication. Content doesn’t necessarily need to be text. It can be anything related to your ecommerce store, like videos, photographs, articles etc. The main target is to publish the content that is tailored to the consumption habits of your audience.

2. Public relations:

What plays a key role in off-page SEO?? Public relations. Developing public relations is very important for any ecommerce store. To do so, you should know to establish and tell a compelling story about your brand, you should get media attention; you should pitch not just to journalists but also bloggers and social media influencers, use social media to establish relationships and promote your brand.

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3. Plan your site:

You should have a clear idea of what pages on your website address those search queries. Each keyword from your research should have a corresponding page on your site. Long tail key words should be used in blog posts and FAQ’s

4. Master keywords research:

First of all, understand your industry’s head key-phrases and long tail key-phrases they should be more specific and varied usually over four words. All business owners and managers intending to market online should know how to run keyword research. The process of keyword research provides a rounded understanding of key phrases, search terms and also online demand for products or services.

5. Build your site:

So, now you have an idea of the pages that should be on your site, what would be your next step?? The next step is to build the best site in your industry with the help of a web designer or agency. Remember one thing, you should always build great websites that users love and want to tell their friends about. The website should be mobile responsive for mobile responsive to cater for smart phones.

Ready to take some action? Please trust experts. Libra web solutions is a perfect place if you are looking for your ecommerce store maintenance and support. Contact us at for any help and support.

Libra Web Solutions service include: Virtual Assistant Services, Social Media Marketing Assistant, Online Marketing Services, Virtual Employee Services, Virtual Marketing Support Assistant, Marketing Support Specialist Contact Us Now

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8 Reasons you should start using content marketing to grow your ecommerce store

Setting up a website and listing your products won’t deliver appropriate results for you. There are already various ecommerce portals. So, it becomes quite tricky for ecommerce owners to earn a healthy traffic and higher online sales. All you have to do is, to establish a unique presence on the web. This is where content marketing plays its game. The importance of content marketing for ecommerce brands has been significantly growing. Creating valuable free content creates trust, builds your brand, keeps people informed, gives you something to share on social media and helps you rank in search engines. More importantly, content marketing helps you attract and convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. Ecommerce content is the foundation of inbound marketing which helps pulling people in with something interesting, rather than pushing ads on them.

Libra Web Solutions service include: Ecommerce content Marketing Services, Ecommerce content Marketing Strategy, Ecommerce Product Management Services, Ecommerce Small Business Services, Ecommerce Content Writer Services Contact Us Now


In this article, you will learn what you need to do, to start using content marketing to grow your ecommerce store.

1. Analyze your industry:

What should you need to know before you jump into creating content?? You should know where you stand in your industry. You create a piece of content you love, but everyone ends up ignoring it, because it just looks like any other piece of content out there. Isn’t it worse?? Of course yes. But, how can you differentiate your content?? Best way to do this is, analyze your competitors. To do so, you first need to know who these people are. If you know your industry well enough, then you probably have a good idea who you should be spying on. After you have all your competitors, this is what you have to do:

  • Start browsing through their content and see what they write about and how they develop content and how many shares and links it gets.

  • Use competitor intelligence tools to look only to the best performing pieces of content and analyze those to find patterns.

Once you have all your notes together, you want to start looking for patterns within those patterns. Also, you want to take a good look at what topics they use and what angles they choose. This analysis will help you come up with new ideas to develop for your own content marketing strategy.

Contact us for Ecommerce content Marketing Services

2. Media:

Every time you publish a piece of content, make sure everybody that belongs to your owned media hears about it. Easiest way to promote your content is through your media like, your blog, your email list, and your social media accounts. For some reason, most people focus only on coming up with ideas and creating content. But they forget they need to go out and promote it to earn their traffic. All you need to do is make a list of all these people, and start creating a relationship with them. Once they know you, you can start outreaching to share with them your new piece of content. By that, they will share it, comment it and link it.

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3. Goals:

You just simply can’t start a content marketing strategy without a clear target audience and also can’t start one without a clear set of goals. Your content marketing should help you achieve your goals like getting added to carts and sales. Just like any marketing strategy you implement, to track the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts, you need to define goals directly tied with it. Some of the goals include:

  • get organic traffic

  • get referral traffic

  • get social traffic

  • get email subscribers

  • get sales

Not all goals should be picked by you, you should select your goal depending on your company. Pick the one suitable for your company and stick with them for 6 months. After 6 months, you will be able to know how each goal works, how much impact it has on your company and what you can do to influence its performance.

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4. Maintain consistency:

Customers always appreciate posts having up to date or new information. If you lack content for purpose, you may seek help from digital marketing companies that offer content development service. Search engines will always be eager for new web pages of course with rich content, so that they can offer the most relevant results to their users. If you want your ecommerce website to appear on the first page of all leading search engines, you must update your website with fresh and unique content on a regular basis. To keep yourself up to date in this area, you can do following:

  • Analyze your competitor keywords regularly to know where you are lacking and what you are lacking and what you need to do improve the results of your content marketing efforts.

  • Use Google analytics to find out which terms people are using while looking for products and services. It helps you to design relevant key words easily so that you can use them to promote your web pages and increase sales.

  • Read content on websites that focus on the search marketing industry.

Contact us for Ecommerce Small Business Services

5. Social media marketing:

Social media is an important part of our everyday lives. So why not use it for our content marketing. You don’t need specially need to do anything. Just add main social media buttons to your ecommerce website. So that, your visitors may share the content they like. Not just marketing, when you amalgamate social media marketing with content marketing, it helps you in many ways like,

– drives traffic to your website, which eventually increases you sales too.

– increases page views, quick brand recognition among potential customers

– It allows direct interaction with millions of social media users and solves their problems.

6. Ideas:

What do produce as content?? Let’s talk about the format first. Here are the most popular ecommerce formats, let’s look at the format of written content first. Written content generally includes blog, newsletter, magazine, e-book, guides, and review of products, press release, and opinion piece. Apart from that content with videos, images, memes, demo is also produced. Its upto you to decide which ones to use, but it also depends on your business as some formats might add significantly more value than others in your specific case. You can have a blog with different formats, or can separate them on your pages. So, start off with just a few that you’re sure and can keep going and expand when you feel you’re ready.

7. Create videos:

Videos here, doesn’t necessarily need to be something related to marketing and advertising. Add videos that are related to the product or something not related to the products, but that serves to be useful to the product. Generally, such type of videos includes DIY stuff and how to use the products you sell etc. In other words, you should give something free to your customers as an attraction strategy and sell something related. Use should keep in mind that:

  • you can use videos to explain your products

  • teaching is powerful

  • Reach your audience beyond products.

Contact us for Ecommerce Content Writer Services

8. Enhances shopping experience:

Who don’t enjoy shopping?? Well, everyone does. Worthwhile content enhances the experience all across the journey of the customer along with the insights and entertainment. Availability of content gives users the option to scale up or down the amount of time they spend on shopping. Personal and casual content show your products in context and demonstrate their value in more meaningful ways. Stronger emotional tie lets the shopper imagine more clearly what owning the product would be like for them. The content can also inform the shoppers how to use the product, or features they may not have been aware of.

  • Videos appear in 14% of search results.

  • Only 46% of shoppers will buy a product if video is unavailable.

  • 65% of people believe that videos explain products better.

Libra Web Solutions service include: Ecommerce content Marketing Services, Ecommerce content Marketing Strategy, Ecommerce Product Management Services, Ecommerce Small Business Services, Ecommerce Content Writer Services Contact Us Now


Customers spend far more time interacting with custom content than ads. This enables more time to interact with the brand, if the content is of your own blog, more time on your site. If you are looking for designing and executing a solid ecommerce content strategy, then you are at a right place. Libra web solutions is an ecommerce solution specialist, who transformed around 80 ecommerce ventures for customers from UK, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, India since 2008. Contact us now at

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