Email Marketing Support Services

Our Email Marketing Support Services Areas are Mass email services, Responsive client services emails, Emails to market content, Marketing email news letter, Proofreading emails and Sending e-greeting cards

Mass email services:

Mass emailing became an essential component of mass email marketing strategies. We deliver perfect mass mailing service for permission based mass email marketing campaigns. We can help you with web based mass email sender, email message personalization, email message templates, easy html message editing, and supporting embedded images. With the powerful features of mass mailing you can get best results and beat your competition.

Responsive client services emails:

The complete process for customized responsive email services offered by us has been simplified to provide our clients mobile optimized email designs at a reasonable cost. After completely understanding your requirements we will design a mock up for your emails. You can get a cost effective, compatible with refreshing look and structured coding, with no downtime.

Emails to market content:

We use custom marketing workflows to guide customers through a personalized buying journey. We provide you with easy beautiful and results driven campaigns, help grow and segment your audience without limits, optimize your campaigns, personalize the content and preview the inbox. Along with that our features include contact management, campaign creation, email sending, campaign tracking, transactional emails and support.

Marketing email news letter:

We give you everything you need to run beautifully designed, professional email marketing campaigns to grow your business. We create gorgeous email campaigns that get results, create customer journeys, add personalization, create smart segments, develop relationship with every subscriber, and grow your email list to reach a bigger audience.

Proofreading emails:

We allow you to easily correct/proofread your emails. However, we do not change the meaning of the text and translate them. We only proof read them. Your emails will reach our team and we will correct it and then send it to the original recipients, exactly as if it were sent directly from your email. All your messages will be completely secure with us. We never use the gmail access permission for anything other than correcting the emails that you choose to be corrected.

Sending e-greeting cards:

E-cards are similar to a post card or greeting card. The primary difference is that it is created using digital media instead of paper or other traditional materials. We will customize the inside text whether you want to send just a few or thousands of ecards. We use mobile friendly cards with highest quality designs and simple design process with a wide range of personalization features, corporate branding information to your e cards.