Tips for writing emails that get opened, read and clicked

The marketing of business has been changed tremendously over years. Email marketing is an important tool in the business marketing. The reason why you create marketing emails is to engage with your customers and inspire them enough to click your business links. For this to happen, you carefully create an email with lot of effort and with the best subject line available. When everything is done you will send it off to customers. But things don’t go as planned, when you look at the stats you notice that the opens aren’t as good as you’d hoped. This is both disappointing and depressing.

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You should not let it stop you. It feels like a big challenge to get people to open and read your emails and then to go on to click through. But it doesn’t really need to be so hard. Simply find what works for your audience and continually test and measure new things over time.

Read on to see some of the most important things that take to write emails that get opened, read and clicked.

How to create that are eagerly anticipated by people?

When you see a lot of emails in your inbox, which one would you read first, the one from your friends or the one from a market corporation? It’s a simple pick, isn’t it? Every one is naturally interested to read emails that have a positive relationship with sender. This is what you should aim if you want your readers to be waiting in anticipation of your emails. You should consider behaving more like a fried and create a more minimalistic email.

These are some of the essential tips for friendly and eagerly anticipated emails:

1. Personalize your email:

You may have a lot of customers and subscribers. But, you should always write an email as if you are emailing one person only. This instantly makes your emails more personal. Replace the words like ‘customer’ and ‘subscriber’ with ‘you’.

2. Dont waste peoples time:

You should never waste your subscriber’s time. Email them only when you have something valuable to say. By this people will get to know that you dot want to waste their time and it eventually leads them to open your email when they see your name in inbox.

3. Reward them:

Want is main point of sending the emails to people? They should be benefited by your emails, which eventually lead your business. This can be done easily by rewarding your customers for coming back to you. Reward need not to be monetary always, it can be either a useful tip or you could give away a free e guide for interesting stories.

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What makes people open your emails?

Inboxes are the most congested places ever. What would you do when you see two emails from unknown sources? It’s obvious that you would open the one with the most promising and catchy subject line. Writing appealing subject lines that stands out will let people open your emails.

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Here are a handful of tips for writing effective email subject lines:

1. Promise good:

When people know how exactly you’ll make them happier or what they’ll learn from you, they will have an increased urge to read further. Your subscribers are only interested in what’s in it for. Remember!!

2. Mention a deadline:

If your email contains an offer that is available only for a limited time or a particular time, make sure you mention it in your subject line. By doing so it creates a sense of urgency, which makes people open your emails.

3. Avoid mistakes:

This may be a basic one to mention, but it plays an important role while grabbing your customer’s attention. When your customer finds out any mistake in the subject line, they would never ever want to open your email. To avoid this, check your email before sending it to customers, and ensure that there are no mistakes.

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4. Update:

There’s no guarantee that same subject line works every day. It’s important to change the subject line according to the body of the email. Along with that check the open rates, so that you can optimise future emails and learn what works for your audience.

5. Power words:

Power words are nothing but that the words that add power to your lines and that grab people’s attention and evoke emotion. Think of some words like awesome and devastating. But, be very cautious while using these words, because when they are used wrong, they may create a negative impact on your subscriber.

How to get your links clicked?

Now you have got people to open your emails. Whats next?? Your job isn’t over yet. Readers can still lose interest and move on to something else. How do you keep their attention? How do you keep them reading your emails?

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Here are some tips to help you create engaging emails:

1. Short and simple:

A long and lengthy email kills your reader’s interest. Try toning your text to half next time you edit. Don’t complicate your email with your long sentences. Respect your reader’s time and get to the point. Try to stick with one key message per email.

2. Use images:

It is important that you include text links in your email, as well as images in order to make it easy for readers to click through for more. Arrows and other images are great at prompting readers to click.

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3. P.S:

Whether the reader has read all the way to bottom of your email or quickly scrolled their way through, P.S is a great place to remind them why they should click. There’s something about this P.S, it just grabs people’s attention!!

4. Be clear:

What do you want your readers to do? Would you like them to register for an event, purchase a product, read an article or claim an offer? Be clear and specific, don’t be afraid to ask for a click to make it obvious to readers what you want from them.

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5. Personal touch:

What are you ultimately trying to do with your customers? You are trying to get your readers know, like, and trust you, aren’t you? Consider your emails to be a way of talking to your customers or readers. Don’t just automate your greetings, mixing up your greetings make you less robotic and more personal.

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So, these are some of the most important tips that take you to write emails that get opened, read and clicked. Do you find it difficult creating email campaigns that drive conversion?? We could do that for you. Please get in touch with us at: for all your campaign needs.

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