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Web research is nothing but using information available on the internet based resources in research. Many of these research methods are related to existing methodologies, but they are reinvented with the help of new technologies and conditions associated with present day developments. Most common applications of web research include personal research on a particular subject, writers researching stories, student’s academic projects and projects etc.

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Research is a heavy term which sounds so complicated. Research is nothing but looking for something (on the web). This something may include anything where the particular topic is identified, and the available information is gathered for understanding. Thousands of pages are immediately found with relation to a given topic. Hence, web research is completely different from library research. Web research provides a quick, immediate and world wide access to information. We often mistake that the first resources retrieved are the most suitable answer for our question. Actually, it is not so. Generally popularity is often a factor used in structuring internet results. Well, popular information is not always the most correct opinion on a topic.

Here are some tips that help you get better with web research:

1. Search engine:

When you start searching for something in the internet, don’t just stick to a single search engine. This may limit your learning and may not help you become an expert web researcher. So, you should always start with a search engine that makes the most sense for your search, not with the one you are addicted to use. Specialty search engines often search for a specific group of web sites and will almost generate better and more targeted results.

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2. Search results:

As mentioned earlier, not always the correct results are displayed at the top. Popularity is a factor that structures the results of internet. So, always the results at the top or on the first page are not the best. So, be patient while selecting the answers. There is just one article on the web that publishes critical information, find it and make it much easier to present a better research.

3. Question:

Often we start with a simple question that comes in our mind. By doing this we end up getting a storm of searching results. So, to avoid this rewrite your question in different possible ways. This makes you understand the question very clearly and helps you to rule the key words present in it. Once you figure out your key words, you can simplify your search with the help of key words. By using the key words, results obtained will be more personalized and relevant to the search. This helps to modify your search and obtain best results for your research.

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4. Check the results:

Internet is an open platform for everyone. Anyone can publish anything on the internet cheaply and quickly. For every question you type, you will get a lot of results either relevant or irrelevant. No one will tell you if a website can be trusted or not, you must examine every aspect of the particular website to see if the information available is credible, accurate and up to date.

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5. Search functions:

Key words play an important role in results obtained. If you are just typing a single word or a question you are not using the full power of the search engine to find information. So like many successful researchers start using combination of several key words. Of all the other key words present, quotation marks are excellent tools when you are looking for an exact phrase. Along with that many search engines have advanced features or special usage tips which make the best way to narrow search results.

6. Check the sources:

Information generally has different sources like primary sources, secondary sources and tertiary sources. It is generally believed that primary source has the genuine information available. The primary sources include newspaper, magazine accounts, documents written etc. They are considered as eye witness accounts. Before using a primary source, just make sure that the material is from original publisher.

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7. About the author

Before using any information available on the internet it is important to find out about the author. Because information is only as good as the author is. You should never use any information without considering who gave it. If a site doesn’t list the name of the publisher and its management, then you better not trust the particular site and switch to another one.

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8. Revised information:

As we all know internet is an open source for anyone. It stores information dating long back. So, when you use any information form the web, you should make sure that the information is not too old. Some of the old available data are revised and edited according to the present day developments. Before selecting any data you should make sure that you are using the latest data. If not, make sure that the data you are using is revised and edited recently. Well, if you are writing about a historical topic, you should include about the primary sources like newspapers, documents etc.

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Why Solopreneurs and Small Businesses Should Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Why Solopreneurs and Small Businesses Should Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are kind of freelancers which can help you out for your work there are many benefits that you get by hiring a virtual assistant like :

1 Your work always would be done on time
2 Your work is done on a price effective manner
3 choose any kind of service you want and get a quality output for that
4 You do not want project manager to manage your work

Virtual Assistant can always do a way more quality work than any other employee as Virtual Assistant have mastered a specific service hence it’s always low input getting out as much higher output.

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Why you should hire a virtual assistant?

while if we consider it from the business perspective then there are many services which a virtual assistant can be used for :

1) Digital Marketing

which is marketing and promoting your company through social mediums like twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, virtual assistant can help you to increase your twitter followers or it can also create you facebook page and hence can manage all your accounts.

2) E-Mail Services

Managing your e – mail account is also service provided by our virtual assistant like filtering e -mails and sending e-mail newsletters or doing your company’s e-mail marketing all of this can be done through virtual assistant hired.
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3 ) Web research

it is the practice of using strong and impactfull internet information for your use .
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4 ) Writing , Editing and Proofreading

A virtual assistant can also be used for writing or may be editing and even to marking errors that is proofreading hence even authors can use it.
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5) And many other services are provided like :

Administrative ,Personal & Human Resources and also Amazon Virtual Assistant


“Virtual assistant can always fasten your work of organizing and conducting out of multiple things”

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A virtual assistant can even sometimes provide you more than your employee and it’s way of working that is part time work of hourly basis which saves your pockets
from writing and editing to increasing your twitter popularity and project management or coaching tasks every thing you need can be done by our virtual assistant

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A 100 list of things which our virtual assistant can do for you is right here :

Hence it can be said that your work can definitely be done in qualitative manner without hiring another employee or taking load on yourself and as said earlier:

“The way of working part time work of hourly basis will definitely save your pockets”

Hence our virtual assistant are skilled professional who can help you out in any kind of service you want and give you a quality output for that and as said by Dan miller :

“The future of personalized customer experience is inevitably tied to ‘Intelligent Assistance.”

so it’s always low input getting out as a high qualitative output with your expectations.

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