E-mail marketing tips for small businesses

E-mail marketing tips for small businesses

Well, what is good marketing practice called?. Good marketing practice is nothing but responding to the people who actually want to hear from you. Most often, emails end up getting lost in the inbox or even worse in the spam folder. And, when finally someone actually opens email, they don’t click through.

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Here are simple things you can start doing now to improve the open rate, click through etc.

1. Collect subscribers:

Building your subscribers list is one of the most important ways to grow your business. The more subscribers you have, the more chances you have to improve your business. Having a blog is great way to promote your business and your brand. When you post relevant articles on your blog, your customers will have a reason to visit your site. Along with this offering a free give away is also a great way to get people to sign up your subscriber list.

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2. Immediate response:

Email new contacts as early as possible, most probably within 24 hrs. You can actually get to know what future engagement will look like, by what people do when u email them within 24 hrs of their request. If you don’t have an automated email workflow setup, you are missing some major opportunities to nurture or engage your contacts.

3. Personalised reply:

Now a days people are so inundated with spam, hence they hesitate to open emails from unfamiliar sources. This is why real person email open rates are likely more. This is because recipient mostly trusts a personalised sender than a generic one.

4. Preview:

When anyone receives an email, only first few lines of the text from the mail is displayed along with the subject. In other words we can say it as a preview of the body of email. When you don’t set a preview text, the recipient will automatically pull from the body, which is generally a messy one. Hence, a clear preview should be framed before distributing the email.

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5. Clear subject lines:

The biggest struggle of marketing emails is with the recipient inboxes. The best way to stand out is to frame an outstanding and impressive subject lines.

Make sure that the subject lines are

– clear and understandable

– don’t get cut off, particularly in other devices

– free from spam words.

6. Simple and short:

Who has enough time to read a huge, long email? Well, no one. Everyone likes short, informative, concise mails than long ones. Hence it is important to convey our message in a short and simple mail. Along with that, too much copy is actually a spam filter too. To keep emails short write them like you are talking with them. If your email is long, break it up into multiple paragraphs.

7. Add links to your images:

Include eye catching images in each email. These images definitely pull the reader in. Encourage your audience to connect with you beyond the inbox. To make this happen, include links and clickable call to action (CTA) that leads to destinations like your website, registrations etc.

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8. Call to action:

This is nothing but interacting with your recipient. Ask your recipients questions that drive to interact with email. The CTA can further improve the click through of your emails. It is very important to place them at the opening or closing section of the emails, so that they come handy when the recipient wants to use it.

9. Email testing:

The emails are generally prepared in a particular device. This may or may not be compatible with all the other devices present. Hence, email testing is a must to do aspect of marketing. The testing is done to ensure that the email is well fitted and readable on almost all gadgets. Initiate the test by aiming a group of audience before the final distribution.

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10. Get your timing right:

The timing here is based upon the frequency of sending mails. The correct timing is picking up a correct day in the week. And correct time in the day. The correct timing is selected to improve the open rate of the emails. This can be ruled out by first checking it in a group of people before fixing to a particular schedule.

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10. Practice courtesy:

In any situation, you should treat your recipient with respect and courtesy. Along with that you should also to be friendly and personal. Hence, the best idea is to call your recipient by their first names, if they are old contacts.

11. add unsubscribe:

Not having an unsubscribe button just leaves your readers annoyed and irritated. No marketer wants to be paying for people who just delete your emails and mark them as spam. So to avoid all this it is better to let people unsubscribe when they don’t want to receive your emails anymore.

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