WordPress Custom Module Development Service

WordPress Custom Module Development Service

Wordpress module development is also known as WordPress add-on or WordPress plugin development. It can improve the usability and the interface of your WordPress blog.

A custom plugin allows a website to be customized to perform certain specific functionality with ease.

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As we know WordPress is one of the easiest and the most powerful content management system which comes with various features to make your experience better. By the creation of Wordpress module development, you can integrate the unit which is made by the small piece of coding to your blog with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You know WordPress modules are the powerful extract of codes that have the amazing potential to transform your blog presence.

Now, you may ask what are the benefits of WordPress module development for your website?

Use of custom development service

Well, an extension development service helps you to add important features and functions to your website.

Let’s take an example.

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You are looking for some extra custom feature to be added on your WordPress blog, which is not available over the internet. So what you do? do you have any option left?

The Answer is YES, still you can add that custom feature to your WordPress blog with the help of custom WordPress development service. There are a lot of module development services out in the market. But you know which is best development service that you should go for? Don’t worry we will guide you…

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Before hiring any WordPress module development service you have to consider some points in your mind. After ensuring those points you’re free to choose your service.

Make sure you should always go for those developers who can provide you easy optimization, modification, and enhancement for your future perspectives. one needs to go for those services who can offer value for your money. Also, while hiring any module development service you should ensure that they are providing secure service to you and with error-free plugins for consistent performance.

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Benefits of using WordPress Custom Module Development Service

Well, there are many benefits of using custom development service, but here we will mention some of the most important features.

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  • It allows easy to use and integrate extension to meet your business requirements.

  • It has dynamic and User-friendly Plugins.

  • Attractive GUI.

  • Offer secure and Error-free extensions for consistent Performance.

  • Dynamic and User-friendly Plugins.

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How To Set Up Online Gifting-Store

How To Set Up Online Gifting Store

Setting up an online store has many advantages over having a physical storefront.

If you want to open an online gifting store, you will have better chances of getting success if you begin with a strong business plan. The perfect business plan for your online store. An idea your customers simply loved. An idea for an online business you were put on this earth to spread.

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So you excitedly scribble it down, This will guide you through startup until you launch your store.

Having an online gifting business has many advantages like you don’t have to pay any rent, and you can reach millions of customers from the comfort of your own home. Also, having an online business allow you to take care of your family while earning considerable money at the same time.

To set up an online gifting store you’ll need a user-friendly website and a solid marketing plan.

Let’s dive into this…

Do You Want To Set Up Online Gifting Store?

Creating a strong online presence through your website not only increases your sales but also helps you to build loyal customer base.

Without a proper business plan, you have no roadmap to follow. And so your business goes in multiple directions, leaving you feeling dizzy, confused and disoriented.

  1. Decide what you want to sell – First of all, you have to describe the types of gifts that you want to sell in your starting section. Always keep in mind that products may be more difficult to sell when they can’t be viewed physically.

  1. Create a business plan – It will help you to plan the steps that you’ll need to take in order to make your business successful. Figure out the cost of operation and map out the blueprint. Since you will need a small amount of capital for startup costs, such as domain name registration, an expense for hosting, website maintenance cost, an expense for marketing and shipping cost.

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  1. Write a marketing plan – Creating a marketing plan allows you to describe the ways to increase web traffic to your online site.

  1. Register your business – Every individual has to register their business with the secretary of state office according to their state laws.

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  1. Register a domain name – Choose a domain name that’s short, catchy, and easy to remember.

  2. Choose web hosting service – Find a good web host to publish your website online.

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  1. Design a website for your gifting store – Hire a web designer or purchase web design software.

  1. Set up merchant account – You will have to set up a bank account with a financial institution that your customers can pay money online.

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  1. Purchase gift items – Gift items that you want to sell online. Meet your local vendors to purchase.

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  1. Advertise your store – List your store in an online business directory and follow some marketing techniques like click advertising, article publishing, and backlinks.

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Let me show you the secrets of designing and developing an ecommerce store

Let me show you the secrets of designing and developing an ecommerce store

Ecommerce web design is not just about making an online store aesthetically pleasing. Well, that helps too. But it is not the only thing to do. Quicker the customer gets from landing page to complete order, the more likely they are to get to the end and give you their money!! Quality ecommerce web site is all about getting potential customers through that process. The right ecommerce website design will not only sustain customer interest, but it will keep them coming back to the site they trust. To help you understand what’s crucial and what’s not, you should know what the most important features of a stores design actually are.

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Let’s take a look at some of the important points to be considered for design and development of for your stores, so you can get started:

1. All device compatibility:

We all see a continue rise in mobile use. This eventually increased mobile shoppers. But they are not the only shoppers too. It’s important to be aware of many different devices and screens available and mostly used by customers. With more shoppers opting to use their mobile devices for shopping, your stores design should absolutely be able to match the screens on which it’s viewed. It is necessary to customize the website to fit into the screen resolution of the devices available.

Implementing responsive design to make a website accessible and usable on every device is important for the success of an ecommerce site. The Episerver CMS is an especially powerful tool for ecommerce sites, which automatically implement responsive design. Whatever platform you use, you’ll need to be sure you keep mobile users in mind, since this is ever growing group of users can’t be ignored.

2. Information:

What do you do when you open a website? You just go through the information present on the first page, don’t you? That’s what everyone does. First and foremost thing you need to take into consideration is to exhibit important information on the beginning. A lot of people read only the content that appears on the first screen and leave. If they are impressed with what lies in here then, they will proceed and read further. Ultimately, you should create a powerful first impression which is not impossible, but easy.

3. Design:

First pick a theme. Once you choose a theme, stick to it throughout your entire site. Don’t ever mix and match designs, it literally confuses your users. Your content, design and navigation should all blend well together, to give a right user experience. Not to forget, colours always play a big part on user moods. So, always choose a perfect colour that evokes your brands message. Design colours should have a right tone, shade and tint, because your theme and colour coding can set your visitors moods.

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4. Use images:

Beautiful images are always eye catching. The images are not just eye catching and pretty, but also immediately direct a visitor’s attention to CTA. The beautiful background photo immediately shows what the product is, while the text has a clear CTA. Large images combined with CTA, do a wonderful job of explaining your products or getting your customers look at something specific. There’s no reason you should limit the usage of product images to their individual pages. Start using amazing images and you’ll have directing customers all the way to order conformation screen.

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5. Loading time:

Imagine you opened a website and it is just loading, loading and loading. What would you do?? Obviously you will shut the site off. Just like this, your customers will also abandon your website if it takes more time to load. No matter how beautiful your store is, if it’s slow your conversion rate will drop drastically. To avoid this, you should aim to implement a design that loads all of its assets quickly. Compress images which allow providing the best visuals at smallest size, reducing download time. Use caching to reduce the time spent sending the data between web server and database server. In order to keep from losing customers due to slow load times, you’ll want to make sure your site is optimized to run as quickly as possible.

6. Easy navigation:

Good navigation helps new shoppers find what they’re looking for without any hassle. Oh the other hand, poor navigation frustrates them and even may lead them to abandon your store. What actually constitutes good navigation? The main idea is to present clear path from landing page to checkout. No matter what page a visitor lands on, they should be able to find their way around your site. Most of the time, this is going to constitute presenting only the most crucial categories in your main navigation and delegating less important destinations to site footer. If you have quite a few products and navigation is getting tricky, you can add the built-in layered navigation widget to your ecommerce store, which allows customers to filter their search results by colour, size or other criteria you specify. This allows customers to browse your store how they want.

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7. Security:

Customers have an expectation that their personal information will remain secure when they make a purchase online. To ensure this, all ecommerce sites should support SSL to encrypt information that needs to remain secure. This is especially true for credit card and payment information also for customer information like address, phone number, email etc. Implementing SSL is not just a good idea, but something that is absolutely essential for ensuring that your customers remain secure. Never ever store credit card numbers in your site’s database, because it serves a huge security risk, if your database is compromised, you will be liable to the loss.

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8. Guest checkouts:

What will ecommerce sites do as you open them?? They often ask the users to create an account in order to make a purchase. This usually allows for follow up communication that encourages future sales, as well as tracking customer’s demographic information to analyze sales. Not everyone wants to go through the process of creating an account in order to buy a product. Generally only repeat customers will want to register and get benefits of having account, such as saving their information for future purchases and receiving notifications about upcoming sales. Keeping this in mind, you should design the purchase process to allow users to complete a guest checkout. However, upon completion allow them to create an account using the information that they just entered.

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9. Web site testing:

Now you’ve developed your website. So, what’s next?? The next vital step is website testing. What does this checking exactly does?? The testing checks usability, customer convenience, checks for bugs and is vital to ensure a good shopping experience. Website testing can be manual or automated, or a combination of the two. This is usually carried out in various browsers, across platforms and across devices. Slow loading websites, poor navigation, broken links and bugs cause losses for an ecommerce store. To prevent all this, website is checked.

So, what is usually checked in ecommerce website testing process?

  • The customer flow: Each step usually taken by customer on their visit is tested. Starting from home page to menu, search bar and results, product listing payment and checkout.

  • Compatibility: With different browsers on various platforms and across different devices such as mobile phones and tablets are no device should be ignored when it comes to online shopping.

  • Security: Here security is not just on payments, but it also includes customer’s sensitive information like address, email, phone number. A secure website encourages trust in users.

  • Performance: The main aim of this test is to ensure that website load time isn’t too long, catch broken links, and check for SEO ranking in search engines.

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10. Marketing:

Your website is live now!!! But, how are people going to know about it and how will it attract visitors?? To get all this sorted out, one needs to have a marketing plan even before launch, so that as soon as you are ready to launch, successful marketing and promotion can be rolled out. A well planned marketing strategy that reaches right audience at right time helps your business from getting lost in a crowded market.

Here are some of the popular marketing methods:

  • Email marketing: encourage your visitors to leave their email address by offering something in exchange. Send out emails at periodic intervals to keep existing as well as potential customers updated about new offers, new arrivals, and seasonal promotions. If used effectively, email marketing has proved to deliver great results.

  • Social media marketing: The attention grabbing nature of social media can be well utilized to create recall for your brand, as well as turn your followers or customers of your brand into advocates of your brand. This is often done by contests or activities requiring respondents to share posts or tag other people in them in exchange for a gift.

  • Content marketing: It is all about creating shareable information oriented content in order to attract visitors to your website. Articles, memes, infographics, blog posts are examples of the content marketing. They help attract visitors and also improve SEO ranking.

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Now that you’ve outlined the points to be considered for design and development of an ecommerce store. Its time to get started!!!


Do you need any help understanding how to get started developing your ecommerce site?? Libra web solutions is an ecommerce solution specialist who transformed 75+ ecommerce ventures for customers from UK, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore since 2008. Please contact us to speak to ecommerce store design and development expert at: info@librawebsolutions.com

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Web Design Services

How to Get Business Through Web Design

A BIBLE TO : Translate your Business Objective in your Web Design

When creating a website you should be having an objective in your mind that it should look good , design should be perfect but it is equally important to see it through a business point of view
Hence your aim should also be too improvise your brand and increase customers

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The aim of your website should be the goal of your business and as per that the website sections should be designed.
Your business goal could be anything like to get international customers or may be to get nearby local – lites so your web design should be made in that manner hence service pages and all other options should be made with respect to that.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

For getting business goal through your website it is important that your design should also be appropriate for that.

Things to Keep in Mind While Designing

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

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1) easily understood website :

Your website should never be too complex as it makes harder for users to navigate,hence your website should always be tested accordingly to make it more and more simpler.

2) Responsive web design :

while creating it your design should be based upon actions performed by the user which should be able to adjust itself with the appropriate screen size .

“Website lacking a responsive web design is destined to fail”

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3) Moblie – friendliness :

From research it has been seen that mobile traffic is growing day by day today 40 % of users are through mobile traffic hence it cannot be ignored so your website must be mobile friendly site for both iphone and andorid.

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4) Typography :

see that your web-designer is an affective typographer who can make a visually appealing web design.

5) Content :

the main attraction of a website is it’s blog as the user’s first spend their time here hence your content should be properly worked upon and the content should always be engagive.

“good design is not only about it’s looks but is more about it’s working”

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Aligning Your Business Objective To It

For improving your business you should always first take a look at already improved businesses which is nothing but competitor’s research.

Competitor’s research :

Here you have to check out how they build up their brand that is how are they are interacting and promoting on social media see at
all social sites they are in, what all they post , check out their profile’s from this you can learn many things to start about.Hence seeing competitors activities always helps to get an idea for you.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln

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Then what comes is your part to play

1 make a website that reflects your industry
2 reach out to your target audience
3 do a good amount of social media marketing ( article on blog)
4 good curated articles should also be included in your blog
5 customer’s feed back should be taken
6 and you can also run in some offers for providing a little push in your business.


There must be an excel sheet created for the goals that you want to achieve and the activity that you perform on daily. And atlast an analysis should be made to check whether you are able to keep up with your business goals or not and if not then further you must work on and see what you have lacked and then : RE – PLAN

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” ― Winston Churchill

Hence creating a report would be able to give you a clear view that you have achieved it or not and what you must do more to achieve it.

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business plan

How to Actionate Your Business Website Design Plan

Here are some of the crucial points that can make your website generate quality leads

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Designed element’s should always be in an presentable manner so that your content could become well formated and visually appealing

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IN BRANDING your uniqueness should be discovered for getting a brand message and connecting across all media would provide an audience.

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The content should always be well written and engaging for your readers.
which in turn would increase your web traffic

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  • You should always try to connect more and more social media sites as possible because it would provide you a chance to connect with your audience
  • By this the link of your website would be promoted which in next step would grow your traffic
  • Principle of Connecting is just about converting your audience into a visitor which in turn can be your customer

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  • This can do most of your work if have mastered all points defined above
  • then by search engine optimization you can achieve 70% of exposure for your content.

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  • Try to gain advantage out of all 5 points defined above
  • make your website usable
  • Think yourself as a visitor looking for information
  • customer’s data should always be protected

The navigation in website should be easy so that your visitor can smoothly find out something he is looking for

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“Sometimes even the most user-friendly websites are not able to achieve so much hence your company should have a good design strategy to be worked upon”

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