See what you have to choose between a mobile app and responsive web site for your ecommerce business

At first glance, it may seem that there isn’t a big difference between mobile website and mobile app. Many people feel that they just need a website that looks good on mobile devices. Others say that mobile apps have benefits that a website cannot provide. People are going to view your website on their devices, and you need to support that. By that, it’s obvious that you need a responsible website and there are no downsides. Adapting your business to mobile is a process that can be confusing not only in terms of marketing decisions, but also from a technical perspective.

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Responsive web vs native apps:

Mobile apps can be developed natively or as a hybrid and mobile friendly websites can be developed as responsive or adaptive.

Adapting web content to mobile has two main advantages: time and money. These are the two important parameters that founders and product managers normally consider when dealing with different options, especially if they are not closely involved with the technical aspects of the development process.

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Features of responsive websites:

  • Responsive website is just like any other it uses HTML pages that can be accessed with any browser. Usual website is built for viewing on a desktop; a mobile site is specially designed to appear on smaller screens like mobile phones and tablets. But a responsive site has a special design based on CSS media queries.

  • It allows website’s content to fit into any type of screen both laptop or phone. They not only require more developer’s work and attention but such websites would download slower. The adaptive websites works well on smaller screens but they are not versatile.

  • Actually, adaptive websites work with certain screen parameters. It is hard to predict all the possible combinations so the responsive website can be a better decision. Why do you even need that responsive website?? The quantity of mobile phone users is increasing worldwide.

  • Many companies today have responsive websites in order to make their information, goods or services available on various platforms and devices. This is especially crucial if you are looking for new customers.

  • When people look for information, they don’t go to the app stores directly; they will always start with web browsers. Eventually, the results end up showing mostly web pages and a few apps.

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Features of mobile app:

  • Mobile apps work differently than responsive websites. They don’t run on all devices and need to be installed separately, but what they give is unique user experience.

  • A mobile app is notably good when a person needs to complete some goal. A well designed app must give your client all opportunities to perform it in just few taps and scrolls.

  • Mobile application doesn’t have to fully duplicate features of the responsive site. Some app functions are not always applied on the website and vice versa.

  • They work differently. Apps require downloading from specific popular types of app stores and installation, as well as they require access to personal information or third party services. Along with that they provide bigger safety than browsers.

  • Depending on app’s function, you can download information or content and use it even without internet access

  • Mobile apps tend to be more resistant to the variety of screen sizes that might appear on the various screen sizes that might appear on the various phones and tablets. Design for a mobile app is typically more holistic and user friendly as it is done for a specific platform.

  • Mobile apps works better with hardware sensors like microphones, camera, GPS etc. that improve acting with a device and makes user’s life easier.

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If we are talking about particular service, it’s more convenient to use a mobile app rather than enter URL or randomly surf web.

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This spreadsheet summarises information for easier comparison, which helps you make the best choice for your business.

Responsive website

Mobile app


Mobile version of the site is equally displayed in all browsers, despite the device model

Requires development of several applications for various platforms


All devices that have access to the internet

Only smartphones and tablets

Cost of entering the market

Payments for domain and hosting

Developer licenses in the app stores

Ease of use

Doesn’t require download and installation

Requires downloading and installation

Working offline

Not supported


Support, updates, and bug fixing

Easy to update, maintain and fix bugs

Difficult to update and monitor the application after it’s downloaded. Bugs will be fixed only in the next version

Convenience of regular using


Good for regular using


Mobile site is more focused on the service

App is more aimed at the individual user


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Both the alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages. A mobile app is not always better than the mobile site and vice versa. To choose the one which suits you, you must understand the purpose the product. The mobile app is more preferable to a responsive mobile website, if your plans require high performance. Over all, there is no clear answer what business needs; a mobile site or mobile application.

Who said, you have to choose only one option?? You don’t need to limit your business to only one form of representation. You can go for both. If you are looking for developing an app for your ecommerce business, leave it to us. Libra web solutions is an ecommerce specialist, who transformed about 75+ ecommerce ventures for customers from UK, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Singapore since 2008.

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