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Create The Best – Content Marketing Strategy

Defining Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is not just creating and sharing content to get audience but it is about generating a quality lead through an appropriate strategy for your content.

Why One Should Have a Content Marketing Strategy?

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if you create just one blog post with a quality content and embed it further with link’s and e-books by doing so you can bring up audience for a quality time.
The major source of traffic would always be there from your evergreen content so it should be useful and educative .To get the quality leads by generating good content is the objective here

“To get traffic by being resourceful is the ultimate goal of content marketing strategy”


1) know your aim

It should be known that your goal is to be useful to others while writing a blog post

2) Determine a content management system.

Have a system
1 Were you can store the data posted
2 Manage in your content
3 Analyze the results of your content

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3) Get some Content ideas

There are some tools which can give you a good start for getting content ideas like :

RSS Feedly:

you can get content ideas by getting to know what presently in going on.

Buzzsumo :

it uses social media shares to know which content is popular and well-shared, by which you can get to know which ideas would do well.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator :

here you can get ideas for an whole year you just have to enter topics or terms you want to write about.

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“Content market strategy is only useful when you have a quality in content”

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The blog posts should always be valuable and useful because this is where 60 % of your audience would land in hence it should always be a worth.

Info-Graphics and Videos

Info-graphics uses visual data like images which makes a content easy to understand, hence it is an interesting format while at the same time Videos are a highly engaging it takes some time and money than the written content but it is worth a try

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4 Ask influencer for catchy quotes

5 always create a visually appealing content with appropriate Images

6 The title should always grab the attention of reader

7 You should always ask questions to readers to make them engaging

8 Use options like images and description while sharing

9 Quality of content always matters hence make the appropriate changes by reading good articles.

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Sharing the content when most of the users are active would always help you getting audience for your content the content should be posted multiple times as life a post is less hence posting multiple times is always useful
there are many sites where you can submit your content through an established audience like

10 BizSugar

11 Triberr

12 Blog Engage

13 StumbleUpon

Social media marketing

Once you are done with it then you can publish it using SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (article on blog)

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