Check out these top mobile Ecommerce trends for 2018

Check out these top mobile Ecommerce trends for 2018

Technology is developing day by day. Today, world has switched over to the mobile phones and the users have become more comfortable with the mobiles in every possible sense. They can access everything they want on their mobile phones. They can book tickets, a table at restaurant, shop everything and lots more. They have brought infinite advantages to the users in the form of mobility that enables them to use their phones to do almost any kind. M-commerce has been on the up and up for years now. Becoming more and more dependent on our mobile devices means that ecommerce merchants, developers and marketers alike are scrambling to meet the needs of today’s buyers.

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Let’s check the major trends that are changing the face of Smartphone powered shopping.

1. Mobile payments:

As we know, now days almost every work is being done through the mobile phones. The payment through the smart phones has become trendy recently. it also increased the sales of various businesses. Different brands and companies come up with attractive offers to draw several customers and have introduced various payments to facilitate them. All these have given rise to m-commerce payment in the recent years. The figures indicate a sharp increase of 48% in the payments through mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, phablets etc. All this resulted making payments from your mobile devices, the most efficient way of doing the task.

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2. Augmented reality:

Augmented reality technologies offer an incredible opportunity to the shoppers. It let’s shoppers to test certain products with their avatar and make the final decision for buying it. It also brought immersive as well as interactive experiences for the users regarding the products they use. The evolution of augmented reality apps related to e-commerce continues to boom despite the technology still being in its infant stages. The compelling, conversion, optimizing and interactive nature of AR is only exclusive to mobile.

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3. Mobile Ecommerce apps:

With the development of mobile technologies, the trend of mobile commerce apps will keep on growing. M-commerce app development become challenging in the near future as mobile commerce is constantly evolving through desktops, mobile browsers, and mobile applications. This is because mobile screens have almost replaced desktops when it comes to ecommerce. These apps also generate more revenue as compared to desktops and mobile.

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4. B2B Ecommerce:

As per a survey carried out by international data group,

  • 70% of millennial are using m-commerce channels to buy products through the B2B marketing network.

  • 41% of B2B tech buyers bought a product within 6 months after watching a mobile ad

  • Three quarters of B2B tech buyers carried atleast two mobile devices

This clearly shows the rapid growth for B2B marketers. This really means that more and more people are inspired to buy products through B2B channels and it is encouraging the trend of mobile commerce through B2B. It also made an increase in the sales through smartphones and the businesses are also benefited with this trend to a great extent.

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5. Video content:

Multimedia content has gained its momentum with the emergence of the smartphones and latest technologies. What does this multimedia actually mean?? The multimedia content mainly includes videos and animations which attracts huge traffic from the mobile devices, which makes it in the rising ecommerce trends list.

The future of m-commerce is bright with various technological advancements that are taking place. Mobile devices are gaining grounds in mainstream Ecommerce gradually and people are exhibiting increasing tendencies towards it. They enrich the customer’s overall shopping experience and will continue to do so.

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Hopefully, these m-commerce trends will help you provide your customers with the shopping experience they want and need. If you are looking for any m-commerce services, please contact us at Libra web solutions transformed around 80 ecommerce ventures for customers from UK, Australia, India, and Hong Kong, Singapore since 2008.

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