8 Reasons you should be using mobile app for your ecommerce business

8 Reasons you should be using mobile app for your ecommerce business

What is the main aim of ecommerce marketer?? Expanding their business. These days we have an app for almost everything, from calling a cab to ordering food along with lot of other services. The explosion of mobile phone popularity opened up a whole new world for ecommerce business. The mobile app is a potential channel to grow and survive in the competitive retail market. Publishing a mobile app for your ecommerce business is a great way to connect and engage with mobile users.

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Here are few reasons why your business should develop a mobile app for your ecommerce site:

1. Expand your market reach:

For an app to be successful, it must acquire new users and should be good enough to keep them. First thing you have to do is listing your app on a distribution platform like app store or Google play etc and create a page for it in your website. You can market directly to them through,

  • SMS: If you get your users to opt in to receive SMS messages via your app, you can send them your latest product information quickly and effectively.

  • Notifications: Notifications enable you to deliver product, promotion or an app update to your user’s home screen, even if the app is not open or in use. But, make sure you use it only for messages that add value to your users.

  • Email: Email is still a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. Well constructed, mobile optimized emails with engaging content can still achieve a high open rate.

It’s crucial to monitor your app’s performance, so you can continually optimize its content, features and functions.

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2. User engagement:

A well built app with right audience has the potential to drive a high level of engagement. When a user download apps he is interested in, its evident that he is interested in an would use the apps for longer and more often as compared to their equivalent mobile sites. Favourite mobile apps are saved by users via shortcuts to the home screen of their mobile. This increases the visibility of the apps, and users are remained of the apps more often. Create a strong impression on a mobile user once, and he may become a loyal customer of yours!!!!

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3. Analyzing data:

Mobile apps are the easiest way to gather user information and study behavior of a customer. Shopping preferences, abandoned crafts, frequency and every other user action tells a story about a visitor which can be used to figure out their expectations. Apart from this, they provide insights on the rise and fall of demands of each product. By gathering and analyzing data your ecommerce app will help you understand how your customers behave and what their preferences are. It is important to be responsive to their needs and improving your services.

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4. Mobile payments:

Mobile apps make payments easier, faster and more secure. With increasing cases of cyber crime, users feel unsafe to provide their credit card details and passwords. Mobile apps can minimize such hassles and provide enough satisfaction for your customer, that they can process a fully secure payment through multiple online services like PayPal, Google wallet etc. These services help users to undertake the process of payment and the user feels much safe while making purchases. With the mobile you not only increase your business but you can also build a solid trust among users.

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5. Conversion rate:

Ecommerce app allows you to integrate features such as social media and videos of your products. This will help you to increase your conversion ratio to a great extent. You can easily attract your customers by showing them testimonials and products recommendation. App generally comes with a built in option that allows users to share such insights. This will go a long way in making them more likely to buy products from you.

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6. Improved customer care:

With a mobile app for ecommerce, you don’t need to rely solely on sales representative to provide excellent customer service. By hiring and training store reps to handle consumer issues online, you can provide customers with better customer care through frequently asked questions and product reviews. You can also offer live chat, which will improve the productivity of your customer care department, and also help you to provide more consistent responses to customer inquiries. Last but not least, you can empower customers by providing them with online self-service, helping users to solve their problems.

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7. Ability to use built in features:

Generally, a smart phone comes with various features. All these features prove useful in providing unique customer experience. Features such as GPS can allow retailers to offer location based discounts and offers. Users can use camera function to photograph your products and share it with others; this eventually helps you promote your business. Users can even use microphone to state what they are searching for rather than typing it in a search bar.

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8. Customer loyalty:

With your very own ecommerce mobile app, you can remain in communication with your customers even while they are on move. You can connect to your customers through push notifications to send them direct messages about your latest offerings. You can build loyal customers because they have downloaded and installed your app on their devices and haven’t been redirected to your site through online searches or ads. Instead of one time shoppers, you can get loyal customers because they have a convenient way of shopping and paying for their purchases. You can also set up loyalty reward programmes to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Retail apps are the future and they provide personalized user experience that many customers now prefer. Libra web solutions has assembled an expert team of mobile developers, that have worked together with clients across the world, to build powerful, attractive mobile apps that captivated users and helped boost conversion rates.

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Contact us today at info@librawebsolutions.com to discuss how we can work together to build you an affordable, professional ecommerce app.

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