Small Business Using Ecommerce

Wish to Expand your Small Business Using Ecommerce How

Today ecommerce is considered as a good opportunity for creating online business as ecommerce has less investment and no labor cost hence it is one of the best ways for expanding your business.

There are 5 Ways Which Small Businesses Can Expand Their Sales By Using Ecommerce

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location based commerce is choosing a product online and collecting it through the nearest store as there is no shipping cost here so the consumers finds it preferable
The discounts and comparing the prices a plays a part for which the consumers look for the product online even if the stores have it.
As the product is available with proper online description and no shipping cost the location based commerce is always helpful to you and your customers.

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With the integration of ecommerce and social media social commerce is formed here they both partner to increase the customers.


Social media sites presents the brand on a big platform through brand videos and reviews and gives a chance to consumers to interact with the brands and the media sites also are always active.
Social commerce can be said as getting e commerce business by the use of social networking sites

“social commerce is helping the brands to widen it’s visibility by presenting itself in an innovative way”

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3) E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is done by sending e-mails of advertisement and businesses
It can be said that it is promoting your company by sending e-mails the objective of e-mail marketing is to build the trust with consumers.

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4) Mobile commerce (m-commerce)

Here the product is selected through handset and the transaction is carried out by mobile banking . This is usually a more faster process than other types given above it also includes the marketing by sending SMS’s through a small description of products and it’s offers.

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5) Creating website and pushing your products to B2B platforms

To create an e commerce website you need to select an e commerce platform like
· Shopify
· Magento
· WooCommerce
· OpenCart

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then add your products and set up a payment gate way by doing this your store would be ready but to be there marketing is also important which can be done through Social media marketing and by using keywords for SEO

And to fetch some more customers you can also add your products to the other B2B platforms like amazon , e bay.

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