Why Should Web Analytics Should be Given an Equal Priority

Why Should Web Analytics Should be Given an Equal Priority

Today a business riding on Internet has to be seen that whatever they are doing to promote their brand is working or not and will they be able to reach their goals ?

And hence comes the part for analyzing and creating reports for your business. But in here through web analytics we are going to learn what you lack, how will you are – plan ,what are the tools that can help you with that and hence web analytics can be said as a small tool through which you get knowledge of what is actually going on for your business for which web analytics should be given a equal priority.

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1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a really good free tool here u can get to know which keywords are bringing users to your website and what all activities users are performing and hence it would create a report of your website and goals. So it is tool which can be used by any website.

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It gives a free demo but is a paid tools here the visual format is quite easy and interesting while it’s population feature allows you to see what an individual visitor is doing and gives many more good features while at the same time it is an expensive tool.

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3. Clicky

The dashboard here displays you everything you want to see as is pretty simple and it also gives a feature of spy view by which you can get an overview of traffic driving in your site. Hence it comes in both versions paid and free too

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4. Mint.

Mint is a self – hosted anlytics tools and charges $30 a website and it gives many more features than google analytics and pepper mill which is a part of mint makes the analytics more smoother for you.

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Heap analytics gives you features like Retroactive Analytics, event visualizer and many more additional features heap is actually free if you have less than 5000 visits per month but after it cost’s about $100 while heap also gives a nice option of promoting heap through an image link and then it gives the access for more visits

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MixPanel comes in both free and paid versions it provides a better event model than GA , real time tracking and Funnels which is actually my favorite part as it allows you to see visitor’s flow step by step in a systematic manner and cerate’s normal reports.

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hence every tools has it’s pro’s and con’s and there are many more tools like Chart beat, User Testing, null stack and Spring Metrics and we can say that a good tool is important as :

“Without knowing your audience, and without solid preliminary hypotheses, big data is useless”
Benjamin Mercier


after choosing a tool you simply have to think about your next step which is planning a goal hence when goal is crucial then a strategy for that is a must Hence it can be done in a 3 step process

1. Store your daily activities in document and hence convert your goals into KPI’s and then see the results

2. See where you have lacked , think where you have gone wrong and do some R&D for that

3.start up again and hence make a loop

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“Strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.” ― Jack Welch

Hence we can conclude that web analytics is actually a plan game for your business for which you have to keep track of your audience , make a strategy for your goal , use a good analytics tool and then my friend comes the part of generating report and hence we can say that in web analytics :

“what looks in front is actually getting it’s impact from back by a plan for your business.”

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