Magento vs WordPress

Magento vs WordPress

Magento vs WordPress:

Which one is suitable for you ?

There are hundreds (or may be thousands) of CMS (Content Management System) are out there on the Web. But WordPress and Magento are the most popular among all of them. If you’re ambiguous in between which one to choose, Then you’re absolutely at the right place. In this quick guide you’ll be able to understand basics in order to take the right one for your Website.

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Lets look into how they’re different from each other in terms of usage, features and other stuff. But before we understand the main difference you should must know why only these two (WordPress and Magento) to choose while there are TONS of solutions already available on the Web.

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Why Magento and WordPress both are the top solutions in the web industry ?

Both WordPress and Magento mostly known for Open Source CMS systems. Both of them have different varieties of Features, Priorities and Usage. They’re best in the terms of Flexibilities, Extendable Features, Easier Interface, and best part is you can get thousands of Themes and Plug-ins in order to manipulate your website to make it work like charm.

Brief Overview On WordPress vs Magento :

WordPress : (self hosted) is super powerful CMS software when it comes to blogs or websites. WordPress is highly customizable and used by millions of users. It’s best for blogs (Though you can build and run Ecommerce store too!). We get thousands of features to run and make it SEO friendly with tons of plugins and optimization. You get an super cool Dashboard from where you can publish the articles as well manage your website outlook. Even you can customize everything with just few clicks. All you need is install the appropriate plugin and you rock !

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Magento :

Magento is specialized platform for Ecommerce lovers. If you’re the one who wants to start up the Online Store then trust me it’s the best platform which WordPress cannot beat. You get more flexibilities for your online eCommerce website. Magento is special for eCommerce business as it has own features along with thousands of Themes and Plug-ins. It’s good for SEO too ! And best part is you can optimize it very well for the better UI. It’s faster loading and provides tons of options to customize as per your requirements.

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Conclusion :

Hope you understand both the CMS. If i summarize above terms, WordPress is best for everything while Magento is specifically best for eCommerce business websites.

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