Devops From an Engineer’s

Devops From an Engineer’s Perspective

In our last article we learned the Devop’s services there are many provider’s for DEVOP’S like ibm bluemix devops services, bluemix devops services,it devops etc but in this article we will see how do they provide it

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DEVOP’s FROM an Engineer’s perspective

The term DevOps and it’s services has exploded as a technical buzzword in the last few years. Now the job requirements for devops engineers is almost equal to cloud engineers which is why it is necessary to keep yourself updated with respect to devop’s.

The method used by organizations is just “Design and it’s implementation” the devops teams works on design which in turn would be handed over for ops team for its deployment

But still a new complexity was introduced as the process lacked proper testing and assessment so even QA was added to ensure the working of services, as it is planned. But adding QA created a new team in the Devops method it reduced the complexity but introduced a new team between the integration of DEV team and OPs team . But later came out to be a solutions of testing problem as it ensured the proper working of what is to be deployed.

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So it can be said as the working of this principle in organizations and groups gave a profit push in their businesses.The success rate can be measured by devops analytics which is method to analyze your work done by devops hence devops analytics.

devops development can be done by method’s given below

The all – all Method

The all – all Band approaches the devops assessment by keeping
all members and employees for Development, QA, and Operations and all other operations.
this method is mostly used in small companies and groups as the finance’s here would be weak in accordance with their margin to make profit.

The one on one Method

The one on one method separates the teams and divides it in many groups and subgroups for product development and deployment.

as in this there would be many groups and subgroups so the communication becomes a necessity

The pre-post phase method

In this method two teams are one which develop and other which operates comes in to give an desired output this method follows purely the Devops principle without manipulating it.
the teams first thinks how software would run and then starts developing it and once it is developed the parallel working team which is the operation team would make it’s execution.

ALL of the three method’s have it’s own pros and con’s as all of three would provide a different exposure level for teams and groups created.

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DevOps AIM –

the principle of DevOps in web can be said as that it is just widening the agile principles and giving the business a method to promote itself with integration technique.which is comes out as an advantageous process for bringing out the profit in their game by just following the given method.

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DevOps Practices –

Specific techniques used as part of implementing the above concepts and processes and turning out be a pro in one of the method’s given above should be the aim of your business.

DevOps Tools –

tools that you can use to implement the above methods are as follows:

  • jenkins
  • travis
  • teamcity
  • puppet
  • chef
  • ansible
  • AWS
  • docker

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Why give Devop’s a chance?

Devop’s is not just a software but it gives the business a chance to structure it’s work-flow where process’s are a part of it as it is followed by our company we can say that it allows the design to be tested and deployed as the way it is planned which is in turn is the

“Planned Execution of Created Code”

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Devops Impact on Business Success

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