Check out which suits your business Custom theme or readymade theme

Check out which suits your business Custom theme or readymade theme

Every website needs a website that enables businesses to be found online by their potential customers searching for products and services online. When you are aware of what your business is about, the ecommerce platform you choose to build your website should empower your website to meet customer demands and generate the desired revenue. There’s no point explaining numerous advantages which a web site can bring to business development. They provide readers and sharers with a great variety of opportunities and niches, from personal presentation and communication to global educational programs and large business partnerships. Every day more and more people are looking for a way to efficiently use the unlimited potential of the World Wide Web for professional growth without spending too much time on its maintenance.

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There are generally two choices for an internet store; custom or hosted. Hosted sites are easy to setup and use. You can simply choose a pre-made template and shopping cart. A custom ecommerce website offers more flexibility and scalability. When choosing between these two types of sites, you need to keep your goals in mind.

Factors to consider:

  • short term and long term goals

  • budget

  • traffic expectation

  • sales expectation

  • the amount of time you want to keep the site before creating new one

What is a readymade theme?

  • As the name suggests, a readymade theme is a simple, low cost option for budget conscious businesses that offers a pre-defined visual designs and interactive layout.

  • These themes are generally created by third party theme developers and as the layout, site, architecture, functionality and interactivity is predefined the amount of input available during the design phase can be severely limited.

  • The look and feel of a ready-made theme, such as changing colors and fonts and adding a company logo is the extent of customization allowed for.

  • The way the theme has been developed and how much customization is possible is ultimately decided by the theme developer.

  • Due to such limitations, future redesigns and alterations of ready-made theme websites are generally difficult or not possible at all.

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  • It’s easier and quicker.

  • Developers around the world help in developing these themes so you’re certain to get support of those developers as you solve problems encountered by you

  • With the theme being designed and coded already, you’ll know how it looks when installed on your server

  • A developer is not needed to apply the theme to your site

  • Several of ready-made themes are offered with much functionality such as blog, product of the day, mega-menu, daily deals etc. so they don’t require to be created separately.

Libra Web Solutions service include: Ecommerce theme Development Company, WordPress theme Development Company, Shopify theme Development Company, Custom magento theme Development CompanyContact Us Now


  • Lack of originality

  • Brand representation

  • Customization limitations

  • Poor coding

What is custom website design?

  • A custom website design requires a larger investment both in time and finances, but allows for a very high level of design and functionality input and delivers a bespoke end result that gives a business credibility and sets it apart from it’s competition.

  • Web designers, developers, digital marketers and copy writers work with you to develop your ideas and your vision. Your development team can make changes without having to rely on a third party developer, altering the visual design or adding new functions such as ecommerce solutions to boost online sales.

  • It also makes it easier to keep up with and take advantage of the frequent changes in the digital marketing world that influence how readily your product target audience connect.

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  • Unique website design let’s you to create something memorable and which lends nice user experience

  • As the creator of website, you can make changes, control website’s visual feel, maintaining functionality which is really necessary.

  • Website will be created with SEO in mind thus you get better ranking. This way you get ahead of your competitors and have ROI growth.


  • Higher costs

  • Longer development time

  • Unpredictable result

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Making a decision over custom design or ready-made design is not a simple task. Various factors must be considered before deciding anything, mainly budget and timeframe. Here are some of the quick comparisons that make you choose the best for your business.

Readymade theme

Custom theme


It can be launched immediately. There is no lag time taken in the form of wire framing, developing, testing or launching

Custom themes take a longer spam for implementation, since time is required for coding, development, quality assurance and the final launch


Readymade theme comes with a fixed price. Extra costs are charged only for extensions or customizations like themes, plug-in, modifications, etc.

The cost of custom theme differs from project to project. Costs vary significantly as no single order is same.


A readymade theme comes with free trail versions that offer the basic features free of cost for a limited period of time.

Custom theme cannot have trails and demos. Only a live project that is used by some clients can be referred to as demo.


There are two types of readymade scripts: 100% customizable scripts which offer complete freedom to the admin to modify it and stock scripts which cannot be altered.

It is fitted to order model. The entire script is prepared in conjunction with needs of the user.


The admins or users do not have to be tech wizards in order to benefit from the script’s features

The technicalities could be complicated that an average user may not be able to grasp easily.


They can be scaled to any extent as and when required and there are no fixed costs

They usually require users to buy servers and other hosting equipment.

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The battle between readymade themes and custom themes is on that is forever going. It is your decision to choose by considering several factors including the budget and urgency of having them. Want to discuss your needs for upcoming website? Contact us at now!! Libra web solutions transformed around 80 ecommerce ventures for customers from UK, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore since 2008.

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