The Next Core Changes Which Would Affect Ecommerce

Trend that has been around for some time, but just keeps growing in importance, is that of mobile access. Each year, and each major holiday season, online retailers confirm that the number of transactions that take place this year are higher than previous year. We are at a point in time – and this trend – where all online retailers should have a fully responsive website that functions the same on computers and mobile devices. But many still don’t, or haven’t even considered it. Having a standalone app, or a separate mobile site, may appease some customers, but only if it still gives them access to your full catalog – limit the product range, and you are limiting your sales

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When hearing the phrase marketing automation, many people immediately think email, but true marketing automation extends beyond email, particularly when it comes to eCommerce. For online retailers, marketing automation extends into personalized landing pages, email marketing, promotions, and even the recommended products shown to existing customers …………………….READ MORE

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