Stop searching for multivendor platforms-elsewhere

Stop searching for multivendor platforms elsewhere

Here’s a list of best ecommerce multivendor platforms

The main idea behind multi-vendor platforms is to allow people or companies to create profiles and post their products for sale. Setting up a multi vendor ecommerce site can be a great way to do business, allowing you to work with multiple vendors in order to sell a range of products to customers. However, all these ecommerce marketplace scripts have the main base mechanism required for functioning and administering of a marketplace website, the selection of purchasing them differs based on factors like security, ease of use, additional features, customizability, support and much more.

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When it comes to picking an ecommerce platform for your early start-up, you compare each platform, think about them, breakdown their features and attempt to choose which one suits your needs best. It’s time we put together the ultimate list of best multi-vendor platforms for you to create a huge online marketplace for your business. For a better picture, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1.CS- Cart Multi-vendor:

CS-Cart’s multivendor software is designed to work with existing CS-Car sites to provide a range of useful features for multivendor ecommerce. It is a great choice for vendors who are looking for a marketplace that can grow quickly, but who want to retain a degree of administrative control over whom and what to sells through their store.

Price: Prices start around £400 for a year’s use, or £1000 for lifetime ownership.


  • Strong security features that offer store production.

  • Unlimited amount of vendor accounts

  • Individual admin dashboards for each vendor

  • Sell products from multiple vendors through single web store

  • Clean interface makes it easy to manage what is sold in your site

  • Configure shipping methods by vendors.

  • Track transactions with in-depth book keeping tool

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2. Magento marketplace:

Magento is popular choice among multi-vendor marketers. Magento marketplace offers easy solutions for clients. Most importantly, it features simple uploading for vendors, allowing them to upload multiple products as well as gain reviews for their services.

Price: There is a one-off download fee of £300 for Magento Marketplace. The most important point to be noted is Magento Marketplace is an extension for Magento ecommerce platform, which you will need to already be using.


  • Entirely free updates

  • All currencies and languages are supported

  • Easily customizable templates and code

  • Can add separate seller/vendor

  • Interactive feedback, reviews and star ratings

  • Secure ‘contact seller’ forms with captcha protection

  • Dynamic dashboards to track every purchase

  • Custom seller and shop banners to make you stand out

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3. Drupal ecommerce:

Drupal ecommerce arrives with the in-built ability to create multi-vendor ecommerce sites. It is specifically built to integrate with Drupal’s own content management system. Drupal ecommerce is a versatile option for vendors who want to grow their brand alongside their business. It offers potent community engagement features and in-depth reporting.

Price: Drupal is free to download and is supported by developers creating a wide range of free and paid-for additional features.


  • Easy to read sales reports

  • Wide choice of payment and shipping plug-in

  • In-depth and intuitive inventory management

  • Setup subscriptions and regular payments

  • Customize look and feel of shopping cart and page themes

  • Track and manage transaction and payments

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4. X-Cart:

X-Cart is an open source shopping platform distributed through the SaaS solution. It supports tons of ecommerce features either out of the box or as a readymade extension. X-Cart offers both a downloadable self hosted licensed software option that you can buy and install on a server, hosted by themselves, yet with full access to the code for customizations.

Price: Free basic version is available along with paid packages starting from $495 for lifetime license.


  • Fully responsive and ready for mobile first age

  • Good marketing and on-site search capabilities

  • 400+ integrations from payment gateways

  • 24/7 technical support and full stack of services from hosting to custom development

  • Upgrades in several clicks

  • App store-like installation of extensions right from the admin backend

  • Fully compliant with payment data security standards

  • Easy integration with social media

  • Multiple checkout options are available

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5. IXXO:

IXXO is perfect for those looking for a reliable, all in one ecommerce solution, because it offers a customizable multivendor service. Vendors can manage their own stores and offers buyers the choice of an unlimited number of additional vendors and stores. They can even offer commission based fees as well as subscription services for using their space.

Price: Prices vary depending on the package size, but begin at around £250 for the most basic package.


  • Optimized for mobile templates

  • Excellent compatibility

  • Real time management of shipping quotes

  • Compatible with huge array of payment gateways

  • Integrate with social media and sell directly on facebook

  • Calculate costs easily when shipping from multiple warehouses

  • Support system ensures customer disputes are solved immediately

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6. Sharetribe:

Sharetribe is a marketplace building platform that supports many marketplace themes. It strikes a high score with its inbuilt payment system, endless integrations, mobile responsiveness, content filters and custom branding functionalities

Price: Pricing starts at $40 per month


  • All types of marketplaces are supported. Merchants and buyers can be individuals or companies

  • Allows payments through PayPal and all major cards

  • Easily manage and moderate your marketplace

  • Allows users to handle bookings and manage availability

  • Content can be searched by location or using key words

  • Members can follow each other to get information about new content

  • Selling and renting are made easy by creating new listings

  • Optimized for every screen

  • You can control whom to buy and sell in your marketplace

  • Marketplaces are SEO optimized

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7. Yo!Kart:

Yo!Kart is admired by several entrepreneurs due to it’s fully customizable, feature rich and multi layer security, it makes easy for anyone to launch their own multivendor marketplace. It has seamlessly managed to offer a wide array of features with economical pricing.

Price: Their package comes with one year license of $250. Along with it, you also get one year of free technical support.


  • It offers complete customization

  • It has impressive reporting features

  • Fully SEO optimized online store

  • Easy social media integration to bring more traffic

  • Product reviews and rating system helps customers in making more informed buying decisions

  • Inbuilt referral program lets website members to invite people to register on store

  • Extensive email marketing increases brand reach

  • Advanced analytics and reporting system will help you track your store’s progress

  • Customer support features will help you provide better customer service

  • It supports multiple payment gateways feature of online store

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8. Prestashop:

It is an open source ecommerce platform, which is used by thousands of business organizations and entrepreneurs all over the world. Building online stores from scratch is very easy and store elements are customizable so users can bring in their elements and make the stores their own.

Price: Prestashop is the industry’s first and only premium and fully hosted and supported open source ecommerce platform, available for download or hosted in cloud. It’s pricing starts from $395/ month.


  • Expert and comprehensive training materials are provided by for users at all levels.

  • Integrations with wide host of leading business services

  • Allows files attachment or displays additional information in product pages

  • Tracks inventory of each product

  • Configure filters, sort order and pagination of products

  • Display results with main information about the products listed

  • Display and allow your customer to navigate in checkout process

  • Configure mail notifications to receive automatic alerts

  • Uses multi-language product sheet to adapt description to different markets.

9. WordPress with woocommerce:

WordPress is a powerful content management system designed to work with the best shopping carts and online stores in the world. And, with woocommerce seamlessly integrated, taking credit carts and processing order is a breeze. WordPress is the best way to build a website, with a simple yet powerful interface, free resources and devoted community.

Price: The basic version is offered free for life time and the pricing packages starts from $200/ month, which is billed once an year.


  • It is an open-source which can be completely customizable and can be limited by your own.

  • Merchants using this platform can exercise a whole lot of flexibility with their products, without having to know too much about technical side of things.

  • It doesn’t force users to go beyond their comfort zone when building their online store and it readily opens doors for more than just ecommerce.

  • It also allows you to exercise some growth and expansion in terms of how you manage your store, products and customers.

  • It has various API’s ready to be used for building extensions, along with an extensive documentation library, so that users can get to know how it works inside and out.

  • They have a wonderful track record of being reliable and exceedingly professional with both their products and their support system.

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Here’s a detailed list of features that are required to operate a fully functional multi vendor market place. If you need any inspiration, feel free to contact us at Libra web solutions transformed around 80 ecommerce ventures for customers from UK, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore since 2008.

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