Magento vs Salesforce-Commerce

Magento vs Salesforce Commerce

Are you Looking for any E-commerce Website ? or You are trying to Come on the E-commerce Platform. To be very frank it is today’s necessity for every business to have a website and after the rapid growth of E-commerce industry, it becomes must for everybody to have the Website. So if You decided to Have your own website then Congrats!!! Now move to some Options which you have in which you can build your E-commerce Website.

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Magento and Salesforce are the two famous Platforms for the E-commerce Website Development. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages So let’s check out which platform have which type of Advantage and which suits You the most …


Both Magento and Salesforce have to do the same thing and that is they both help you in increasing your brand presence and more effectively for getting more customers and in expanding the business. Both have a similar feature that both uses the cloud Technology for storing the data. But if your business already uses the Simple e-commerce platform or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) these two will definitely improve your presence.

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The main differences between the two starts from their primary Functionality. The Magento basically an E-commerce platform used for developing the E-commerce websites and used to enhance their look and make it look better. On the Other hand, Salesforce is primarily used for CRM (Customer Relation Management) i.e it helps you to maintain your relationship with your customers.

Although, Salesforce have their own e-commerce Option called Salesforce Commerce cloud but the way Magento handle the e-commerce work Salesforce Can’t.

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Some of the Great Features of Magento are :

  1. SEO Optimized

  2. Magento App Development

  3. Mobile Friendly Commerce

  4. Shipping and Payment Option available

  5. Quick Checkout Option

  6. Catalogue Management

Some of the top Features of Salesforce Commerce are :

  1. Branded Email Templates

  2. Chatter

  3. Salesforce Commerce cloud

  4. Email Syncing

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So In the Last, it’s up to You which one you use for your company but both of them are useful at their own place. Basically, the Companies having large numbers of employees and their site is working good they mostly choose Magento and Company with a lesser no. of Employees Prefer to Choose the CRM platform that is Salesforce.

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