GPS based white label solutions

GPS based white label solutions – A case study

GPS tracking system is suitable for personal and business use, This provides real-time GPS tracking for personal and asset tracking in commercial organizations, as well as custom made solutions to security services around the world. GPS tracking system is a web based GPS tracking platform with real time view, you can download Android application on your device. It is very user friendly and hassle-free.

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Simply download the GPS tracker app on the phone you wish to track.  Then, log-on to your account to view their location.

For custom made solutions examples as below

CRM with GPS

GPS tracking is a great tool to monitor field workers’ daily routes and activities they have done. So at the end of the day a manager has a perfect review of all activities and places visited by the field workers.

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E.g. when a salesperson makes a call at point X, creates a new order at point Y and updates an opportunity at point Z, all these activities are tracked with GPS. The manager has a complete overview of the activities directly on the map represented by graphical pins with time stamps and links to respective activities. Thus, at the end of the day, the manager will have a complete graphical representation of the salesman’s route with all the activities they have done during the day

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Courier and Delivery Services ( Logistics)

Courier and delivery services specialize in delivering anything to anywhere at any time.
Modern courier services use technology in virtually all aspects of their businesses. They track shipments using GPS systems, use electronic invoicing services which pull information from tracking systems, and can provide customers with exact locations of packages at all times during transit.

GPS tracking system specializes in providing the kind of technology and customized services courier and delivery services require, in fleet management, to gain and maintain a competitive edge. It’s hard to stay competitive without taking advantage of the advanced technology solutions that are available to the competition.

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Food Delivery

When we think of food delivery services, we all think of getting pizza delivered – and we like it best when it is delivered hot, fast and delicious. But these days, all kinds of restaurants and caterers are getting in on the food delivery business.

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At GPS tracking system we’re in the business of making these businesses run better – faster, more efficiently and more economically. For businesses that run their own delivery fleet vehicles, GPS tracking system can assist with a customized delivery system that can boost profits by saving fuel, reducing wear and tear on vehicles, and increasing customer satisfaction by helping drivers reach delivery locations faster. A happy customer means more business, and that means higher volume and higher revenues.

Libra Web Solutions service include: GPS Mobile App Development, Hybrid GPS App Development, Employee Tracking Application Development, Mobile Application Development Contact Us Now

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