Email Automation

Email Automation

Email marketing is most effective chance for marketing business. Every serious marketer needs not only to know how the automation is done but also how to do it successfully. Smart companies already started to setup their automated bulk email campaigns to trigger off their users actions.

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What is Email Automation Services?

As the name implies, automated bulk email marketing is sending out emails to your customers and prospects automatically based on a schedule and they are timely, personalized and hyper relevant to the reader. As a result, they are opened and clicked more frequently.

Before getting started with a system like this that not only sends relevant, engaging emails to customers, but does it automatically, you should know what types of automated bulk emails you can send. These emails generally fall into two categories:

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  1. Trigger emails:

They are just what they sound! They are the emails that are triggered based on your subscriber’s behaviour. They generally include

  • Welcome emails

  • Milestone emails

  • Refer a friend emails

  • Bonus emails

  • Reward emails

  1. Drip feed emails:

They are the type of messages that deliver sequential messages based on a time frame you specify. It can also be a great source of extra revenue, if properly used. They are most commonly used to deliver things to subscribers that have signed up for a free report and to get them to take the next step.

It would be a huge waste of time to manually create and send email campaign to every person. So, instead, you could set up an automated welcome email that gets sent whenever a new person joins signups list. The original beauty of email automation is you can set up email once and then as more people come and meet the trigger you defined, the email continue to be sent to them without your interference. It essentially automates your marketing for you. Personalize your marketing with powerful automation that talk to your customer just like you would.

Email automation works on a basic trigger and action system, you are only limited by what you can do by your creativity and business needs. Here are most common ideas of automated bulk emails you can start sending today that will help grow your business.

1. Welcome:

96% of visitors to your websites are not actually ready to get engaged with you. But, they have clearly shown interest in your business and these are the perfect candidates to continue communication. A great way to do this is to get them to subscribe to your email list. Once they’ve subscribed, you can use an automated bulk email campaign to welcome them to your list and offer a special subscriber only offer.

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2. Increase usage:

Generally most of the companies utilize free trial period to get potential customers to try the product and then become a paying customer. Before people will convert into a paying customer, they need to realize the value of your product during the free trail period, if not why would they start paying for it?

So, to encourage people to progress through those steps and realize the value of your product, you can utilize a series of automated bulk emails that go out people when they get subscribed or create an account.

Although they take a little time to set up, these emails continue to be sent to everyone who gets engaged with you and help to grow our business by encouraging people to progress through the various steps they need to go through to become a paying customer.

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3. Feedback:

It’s highly impossible to build a product that your customers want, when u particularly don’t have any understanding of about what your customers actually want. One of the best ways to find the understanding of your customer is by asking them directly. This helps you to grow your business in a number of ways.

Good news is this kind of email is super easy to set up and you can start getting quality feedback right away. You can either ask people to reply directly with their feedback, or you can link through to surveys to get more structured data.

4. Constant information:

Who wants to lose their existing customers? Well, no one. Losing existing customers can cost your business a lot of money. One of the best ways to make sure you don’t lose a customer is to send them email campaigns informing them that their subscription, account, or policy with you is about to run out.

They are quiet easy to set up. You simply pass in the expiration date of the person’s subscription or account, and then set up a series of automatic emails to go out in days before that date. This kind of emails are extremely effective at getting people to renew their accounts, and can help you grow your business by generating more revenue from your customer base.

5. Offer a surprise:

Surprise here is nothing but sending a simple birthday email. They are one of the most common types of automated bulk emails you can send and they can be extremely effectively when done right. This email not only wishes the reader a happy birthday but they also show care about their customers. Also provide them with a highly relevant birthday offer that encourages them to make a purchase.

This kind of email is super easy to set up if you have your customer’s date of birth. You simply set up a recurring email based on a date, and the email will automatically be sent each time that date rolls out around.

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6. Remainders:

Repeat business is a critical driver of growth for many organizations. One of the best ways to get repeat business from your existing customers is to send them regular remainder emails. This works particularly well for businesses that provide a service on a recurring basis, like mechanics who offer regular tune ups or dentists who do routine check ups and cleans.

As long as you are keeping track of your clients most recent appointment times, this type of email is easy to setup. They helps to grow your business by automatically reminding your existing customers to come back for another appointment and helps to increase revenue form your existing customer base.

7. Promote your posts:

Do you run a blog as a part of your company’s marketing mix, then email is one of the

most powerful channels for growing your audience. When you publish a new post on your blog, make sure you send your subscribers an email alerting them of the new post and enticing them to click through and read it.

To do this for your business, set up an automated bulk email that monitors your blogs RSS feed for new posts and automatically pulls the content in and sends the email to your list of subscribers. This kind of campaign helps to grow your business by attracting subscribers back to your website to consume and share your content.

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8. Promote your event:

If your business includes running events, meet ups or webinars, then getting people to attend is critical to driving a positive return on investment. Even if you get a large number of registrations only about 50% people end up attending. A great way to increase this is to send people bulk email remainder emails in the lead up to the event, then a series of follow up emails after the event.

Automated bulk emails like the ones above can help grow your business without having to put hours of your precious time and effort into creating and sending email campaigns. As a marketer, you likely have more things competing for your limited time and resources. However, of all opportunities available to you to grow your business, email marketing still remains one of the most impactful, and setting up automated bulk emails can help you drive results without having to spend time continuously working on them.

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