7 Shopify vs Salesforce : A Quick Definitive Guide

7 Shopify vs Salesforce : A Quick Definitive Guide

When it comes to the Online eCommerce business, i am sure you must have heard the terms about giants like Shopify and Salesforce. Haven’t you before ? No worries at all, Today in this article i will try to walk you through some quite information regarding both the Shopify as well Salesforce along with how and why to choose them. Lets start from here..

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Shopify vs Salesforce Explained :

52+ out of 100 people thinks about to start a personal business either it may be online eCommerce store or something else. But it has never been easy without the platforms like Shopify and Salesforce. Don’t you trust me ? Let me correct my claim with more information here. All you need is just continue reading…

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So, Are you one of those 52 people ? I guess yes as you’re reading this, you must be one of them. If you wish to develop your online shopping store at your own, You must have to go through the process starts from Planning, Coding, Designing, Testings, Integrating, Marketing, SEO and a lot more other Campaigns stuffs should be done which will lead you to really High Cost and unbreakable Efforts for your Custom Development. Trust me it’s not only this, it requires a lot more steps to build an effective eCommerce store.

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That’s the only reason for the the existence of solutions like Shopify and Salesforce as of today. But they both are different from each other in terms of Service and all. Now lets talk about each of them hence it can clear the terms easily in just few chunks of minutes.

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What is Shopify ? What is the use of Shopify ?

Shopify is one of the top premium solution to create an online store. It allows to create an store without coding skills and technical knowledge in just a while. It comes with hundreds of features including domain, hosting, themes which saves your ton of time and efforts. In short, they takes care about all the technical part (i.e. server) and lets you create amazing online store with just few clicks.

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They also provide 14 day free trial to help you understand more about the platform. For more details, Visit Shopify Pricing and to get started with Shopify Create An Account Here and start selling the products.

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What is Salesforce ? What services do Salesforce provide ?

Salesforce basically is a company which provides #1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. They’re giant in Cloud Technology. It offers varied of Services (SaaS) and Products (PaaS) though softwares (tools). It’s built for users as well developers. It provides services like Sales Cloud which can help your business’s Sales Team. Marketing Cloud which can be used for your business’s Marketing Team and they also provide Chatter a social application which can help you connect with employees etc.

Not only that but they provides Einstein Analytics to help you monitor all the data. Also they provides Salesforce Platform which is used to build the Apps for your business more faster. These are enough tools to take your business at super growth level. To get started with Salesforce, visit Salesforce website.

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Wrapping Up :

As we explained both about Shopify vs Salesforce, i hope it clears all the basics about them. If you got any questions regarding to it, Please feel free to connect with us.

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